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Best Digital Watches 2021: (10 Luxury Wristwatches)

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2020)

best digital watchesNo doubt watches have their place in making the personality graceful. The best digital watches have the value to add grace and charm and groom your look.

Throughout history, watches have their importance in the personality development of mankind. The digital watchmakers not only upgraded the features but they also got the sense to create a gloomy design with luxury looks.

Today in the market you would see the state of the art technology with popularity in most of the leading brands of analog and digital watches with smart and sophisticated styles. Now your stylish digital watch is not limited to time-telling features only. Along with other advanced gears, digital watch also evolved along.

You would find an accurate multitude of timekeeping features on the digital watches as compared to its counterparts. Digital watches exist on the planet for more than a century now. Most of the smart stuff like mobile phones replaced it to a large extent. Cell phones seriously damaged the digital industry.

But, if you notice that flipping your wrist to know the time is easier than getting out your phone from your pocket to check the time. When you choose from some best looking men’s digital watches to wear, you look different. That is the reason that stylish digital watches still have their charm of attraction among the masses. People love to look complete, and for the completion of personality, they choose to wear some stylish digital watch for their wrist. So, the digital watch has its grace alive and proving its existence in the world of smart tech.

Top 10 Best Digital Watches For Men Reviews 2021

Well, here is a list of watches with the digital construct for men reviews 2021 for all the folks. The purpose is to dig out the real best choices to make it an easy pick. The table is making your pick easy for men’s digital watches. We always suggest reading the full review before leaving your hard-earned money on the cash counter.

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1. Suunto Core Military Digital Watch

Suunto Core Military Digital Watch


  • Capacity to tell air pressure trends
  • Weather tracker
  • Stylish Design
  • With max use, the band strip can break

Mini verdict

Suunto has a long history started in 1936 with the birth of an engineer. He invented and introduced a mass production method for the liquid-filled compass. The first one on the list of best digital watches 2021 is from Suunto Core in a military-style digital watch. The best military watch on the list with a pack of specs and features.


A solid military watch with tough resistance and attractive look. Cool watches with a pack of specs and features on the list. You would be able to do any kind of work wearing this automatic watch on your wrist. It can go through the fire and every hard situation you face with the help of Altimeter. Suunto Core Military would never feel you beaten because of its solid made body and resistance to the hardship. This watch is a favorite of mountaineers, skydivers, and adventurous travelers. Suunto Core Military watches are the most authentic and trendy watches out there on the market.

Suunto Core Military Specs

The watch is cool in the provision of specs loaded on it. It has an Altimeter to gauge your elevation and other activities on your wrist. These beautiful watches have a Barometer to measure air pressure, weather conditions, and accurate sunrise and downtime.

It has the intelligence to get information about the surrounding weather current changes. An Alarm is installed for alerts on any weather condition that could harm your outdoor activities.

The Real Stuff Inside

This falls into the category of cool watches with a bunch of specs and features. It can tell you the ascending or descending order during climbing a cliff. You can easily see your progress on the climbing track. The barometer would allow you to know the current weather condition and the sudden changes in weather.

You would know air pressure trends on your wristwatch. The intelligent Storm detector would alarm on any upcoming storm alerts on these trendy watches. It is coming with a built-in compass that would lead you through your way on the track. These best digital watches can tell you the sun-rise and downtimes, so you would never run out of your daytime.

Bottom Line

One of the cool watches brands with capabilities to go through hard times. Authentic released by Suunto in its lifetime. Now watches are getting intelligent to give you max flow of information. The same is the case with Suunto Core Military digital trendy watches. If you are a passionate skydiver or a climber of cliffs or an adventurous wildlife traveler and want a digital watch. This one is recommended for you as it would give you the company wherever you go.

2. Casio G-Shock GA 100 1A1 Sports Digital Watch

Casio G-Shock GA 100 1A1 Sports Digital Watch


  • Water-Resistant
  • Shock-Resistant
  • Full Auto-Calendar
  • Numerous Alarms
  • LED could not reach the whole watch face

Mini verdict

Casio is a well-known brand among the masses for Casio men’s watches production and many other products. Casio G-Shock is a style digital watch for sports release in the military series. It is coming in big case design and all in black color. These are the best digital watches with water resistance capabilities.


These stylish watches were first released in the year 2010. One of the stealthy and stylish digital watches released in the military series by Casio. Some of its amazing features and specs would be discussed here to know this best Casio watch in depth. A really tough one on the list with water resistance and shock resistance capability. The most stylish look in the military case with X-large G. You would love to wear a digital watch for sports with numerous alarms and a pack of functions and features. Really tough one on the list and is recommended for outdoor activities.

Casio G-Shock Main Features

These best digital watches under 100 are coming in a sleek design with a round face and black dial. The black polyurethane band is there to give you the option of wear on your wrist. It has a 1-mm thick back boost shock resistance durable body chassis. The battery life of this watch reaches two years. It has a weight of 2.08 ounces and a great look. The case is 37mm of diameter with 17mm of thickness. I would say that G-Shock 100C is also an attractive one from the company due to good looking features.

Inside the dial, you would see the silver palms hour index for notifying the time. You would find well defined minute markers around the dial. In addition to UTC, there are 29 time zones from 48 cities around the world on this best military watch. The time auto-calendar is super cool to give you the daily date information. It is supporting analog and digital displays both on the same single screen. You can say it the best analog-digital watch in military series watches.

Speedometer and stopwatch are coming built-in on these men’s digital watches. It has numerous tones for alerts. The movement of this best military watch is quartz type and it has water resistance capacities up to 200 meters down in the water. LED is installed on it to light up the watch’s dial when it is dark around. It is coming with a battery that has a lifetime of two years.

Cool Watches With Shock Resistance

Yea, cool and stylish digital watches with shock resistance when it comes to hardship. Seriously friends with this digital watch I treated really brutally and even threw it on a hard floor and in rocks to check the resistance power of these best field watches. I could not beat it in any of the hardships of jobs. The Casio G-Shock has a buckle type of clasp.

It has a competitive manner when it comes to its rating. As it is rated by twelve hundred customers and it stands with a rating score of 4.5 which amazing in such a competitive environment. It would give you the complete satisfaction of wearing a real g-shock watch.

You would not see it fade on its face, also, you won’t be able to see any scratches on its face because it is a solid build timepiece. The bezel functions are stationary with the four buttons for performing different actions. With the shock resistance capabilities, it also has the speed indicator and anti-magnetic structure. The Venerable Casio F-91W is the oldest and most famous one among the digital watches.

Bottom Line

The second digital watch on the list is also released in a military series. This is the best analog-digital watch in terms of shock resistance and water resistance capacities. If you an outdoor lover and travel a lot to adventurous and hard areas around the world. You would love to wear these g-shock watches. This one is the best g-shock watch for adventurous men. The battery life of this digital watch is amazing and it reaches two years. It is a long, long time for battery life. These men’s luxury watches are recommended for outdoor activities.

3. Tissot T-Race Black Digital Watch

Tissot T-Race Black Digital Watch


  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Attractive Round face
  • Not suitable for diving in deep water

Mini verdict

Tissot T-Race Black one of the best affordable digital watches with water resistance capacity up to 100 meters in water. It has a chronographic dial with quartz movement. T-Race Black is suitable for swimming but not recommended for diving into the deep water.


This one on the list falls in the category of best digital watches under 500. It has a cute round dial with a black background. Swiss watches are really popular and are a leading brand on the market. I am reviewing Tissot T-Race Black which has some handy descriptions and features.

Most probably you would know the fact that Tissot is an innovator in tradition and founded the company in 1853. By the calculation of the company’s age, one can easily determine the brand quality. Yes, amazing quality products are made by the company. Let us dive into the review to know T-Race Black in depth.

Tissot T-Race Specs and Features

I won’t say watches are rare in today’s saturated market. But, finding the real quality of a brand is a bit hard. So, T-Race is out there on the market with a pack of some amazing specs and features. The watch released in 2011 and still has grace on the market among digital watches. It has a dimension of 1.8 x 0.5 x 2 inches with 1.8 pounds of shipping weight.

The dial window material is anti-reflective sapphire. It has a rubber strap band for buckling up to your wrist. The magnified date on the three o clock position is looking very cool. The crown on the side of this best sports watch is easy to pull out to set up your timings and smoothy push down. The Tachymeter scale displayed around the flange and there are Arabic numeric writing on the screen along with silver stones indices.

T-Race is the most authentic timepiece in the world in timekeeping manners. The watch was selected for the timekeeping of many sports activities like cycling, ice hockey, motorcycling, and fencing. So you can imagine that it is recognized all over the world for Sports activities. That is the reason I call it the best sports watch and review it with other digital watches.

Bottom Line

As a sports lover, I love to wear this on my wrist and it never leaves my wrist. It is the best sports watch with the ability to keep time accurately. The world of sports recognizing the authenticity of this best wristwatch. If you are a passionate athlete and planning to have a digital watch on your wrist. Do not search any other or wander around in markets for some well-known brands. This one is the best choice among all digital watches for sports activities like running, cycling, and motorcycling, etc.

4. Timex Men’s Expedition Digital Watches

Timex Men's Expedition Digital Watches


  • Day, Date, and Month calendar
  • Quartz Movement
  • A real tough surface watch
  • No Cons observed

Mini verdict

You would be surprised to hear that this one is specifically designed for outdoors torture tests. The hard one with a strong resistance power to the shocks on the list of best digital watches from Timex. An outstanding tough competitor out there to resist the hardest conditions and give the accurate timekeeping performance.


Another shock resistant best outdoors activity digital watch on the list. You would love to hear that this is specifically designed for agony. Yes, torture, now how brutally you can use it? Of course, it depends on your usability and the kind of agony test you want to test it. It would make you forget that it is a classy digital watch. Simply, it is unbeatable in any kind of hard jobs.

Timex Men’s Expedition Specs And Features

An automatic watch to bear a lot of agonies while you are on an adventure and can not pay attention to your take away stuff. It is specifically designed for outdoor torture during the missions of hard times. These analog-digital casual watches would never fail you in any tough conditions. Well, they do not need your care or handling.

It is coming in the dimensions of 3.5 x 3 x 2.5 inches and weighs 5 ounces. Timex Expedition has one  Lithium Metal battery which is coming with the package. This model of the digital watch was released in the year 2017. It has a digital display type with a round shape. The dial window material is mineral and it has a buckle type of clasp.

The case diameter is 45 mm and the case thickness is 16.5 mm in Resin Material of make. The bezel of this digital casual watch is stationary and has no functions. Alarm, Chronograph, Timer, Water Resistant, and Shock resistant are the prominent and special features of these men’s digital watches.

Bottom Line

When it comes to digital watches in such saturated market situations, it becomes hard to decide which one is the best. But in the presence of brands like Timex would eliminate this fear of how to get a good pick. It is authentic throughout the world and famous for accurate timekeeping machines production. Timex Men’s Expedition is the best digital wristwatch with the tough and hard surface I ever tested.

5. Citizen Echo-Drive E100

Citizen Echo-Drive E100


  • Stitched canvas band
  • Ready to swim
  • Only analog display

Mini verdict

Citizen Watches coming with stitched canvas band are reliable and top in quality. It is not an expensive brand, producing affordable digital watches. It would not hurt your pocket due to its affordable costing.


Citizen watches are not rare as the company produces is too high as per the demands of the market. Though they are not expensive watches as they are offering a price tag under $200. So most of the guys around would wear it and you probably noticed it. Citizen beautifully designed this watch in a round analog shape. The black dial screen on the back of white time indicators is looking pretty cool and awesome.

Citizen Watch Specs And Features

The canvas band of these watches is so much prominent in features. Along with the band feature, there are some other like stainless steel is used in the making of this analog watch. These are cool digital watches for men and making the personality attractive when you wear it on your wrist. A Japanese quartz movement is making your watch to keep the time, it can charge inside and outdoor both spaces.

The green canvas strap buckle type of closure clasp is installed on it with luminosity. A textured crown and analog display are also its visible features. The recommended age group for this digital wristwatch is an adult. It has the capacity for water resistance and supports you to dive up to 300 feet down in the water. Stylish digital Watches are not rare in today’s saturated market but this citizen watch is amazing with Eco-Drive E100 quartz movement. You would have time, date, day and month on the display dial for keeping yourself updated.

The case size of these watches is 37 millimeters and mineral crystal is used along with stainless steel as case material. A great men’s sports watch which will keep you alert all the time with alarm and you would never get late. You can set up the time and other functions with the smooth pull out of the crown. The crown has two places to give you separate options for setting the time and calendar.

Bottom Line

These cool digital watches are awesome in sports activities and the alerts with alarm are superb. Good watches for men who want an affordable digital watch for normal use. It is coming with a technical information manual purely designed for professionals who have the know-how about digital watches. This one is recommended for the adult age group. Citizen Watch would never fail you in timekeeping activities.

6. Nixon Unit LCD Watch

Nixon Unit LCD Watch


  • Full Digital Watch
  • Water-Resistant
  • Positive and Negative display options
  • The clasp buckle would break with long use

Mini verdict

I am personally impressed by these watches from Nixon. This one on the list is bridging the gap between streetwear and sports. It has a sporty shape with a nice round black face and a rubber strap to buckle up.


Nixon is the best choice in digital watches brands out there on the market today. It is not in too much slim body chassis, but a digital watch of medium size. The overall shape of this wristwatch is attractive and well designed. It is all in black chassis with lighting all digital dial. The positive and negative options for time showing are amazing features on it. The digital LCD watch face is charming and attractive. It is the slogan of the company that “we are working hard day and night to make the little things as good as it can be. So, you can imagine the quality of production in the wristwatches from Nixon.

Nixon Unit Digital Watch Specs And Features

These stylish digital watches are coming in the dimensions of 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches. The model number of this watch is A197-000 and one CR123A battery is installed on it. Originally this model was released in the year 2013. The shape of this watch is round and all in black color chassis casing. It has a nice round dial and the window material is mineral.

It is coming purely in a digital display with a stationary bezel without any functions. The case material is stainless steel with a clasp buckle for wearing on the wrist. The case diameter of this watch is 44-mm and the case thickness measures up to 16-mm. It has a standard band length for men and the width is 23-mm. You would find Polyurethane material on the band of these stylish digital watches.

The bezel material is also stainless steel and it is static without any functions. You would have a complete calendar display with day, date, and month. Some of the prominent features consist of Chronograph, dual-Time-display, and Timer. It has the water-proof capacity and would support you diving in water up to 100 meters.

Bottom Line

Nixon watches came into existence in 1997 on the face of the earth in California, US. The company released some cool and nice digital watches through the years of production. This watch on the list is a hard one with a friendly style and shape. If you want a full digital watch you should go with this.

7. Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Digital Watch

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Digital Watch


  • Fully digital
  • Color display
  • Stainless steel bezel
  • GPS Tracker
  • In between digital & smartwatches

Mini verdict

Garmin released this one with multisport options. This is an ultimate multisport GPS watch in the line of men’s digital watches. It is fully digital with showing maps and fit for adventure.


Garmin Fenix has an attractive round-shaped watch face with a colorful display. It can easily fall into the category of men’s luxury watches due to its attractive face and color display with a pack of specs and features. The navigation features along with the mapping and tracker are amazingly cool and awesome on this GPS digital watch. It would track your routes and would allow you to follow your tracking way. With the GPS you would be able to see the map and it would help in creating a mapping of your route.

Garmin Fenix Specs And Features

It has a rocky design in the dimension of 5.1 x 5.1 x 1.8 cm physical size with 196 grams of weight in a metal band. The Silicone band is lighter than the metal band as the weight decreases to only 98 grams. Its design is fit for adventures with a stainless steel bezel. You would have an extra durable watch with the proactive PVD-coated stainless steel bezel. It would allow you to dive in 100 meters deep water.

The Navigation features have the worth to mention here. It is coming with a built-in GPS and GLONASS that enables you to track the challenging environments around. The 3-axis compass and gyroscope are also prominent in the features of this GPS digital watch. You would also find a Barometer and Altimeter on it.

You would be able to place a widget on the screen to set up a running profile on it for trail running, and treadmill running features. The overall performance is cool and spectacular on this watch. You would be able to set it up for your fitness pieces of training and it would show you the status of your training activities on its face. The connectivity option on this watch is making it amazingly cool.

You would be able to connect it with your smartphone for having notifications on the dial windows screen. Incredible things are coming onboard on this watch. The Garmin connect would enable you to connect with the online Garmin community.

Some Cool Stuff You Should Know

The watch allows you for complete personalization by customizing the free face watches. The strap is also interchangeable on the watchbands. You can match your style with the watchbands by changing the look of your watch face.

You would have the choice to give it a premium look with some leather straps inclusion to buckle clasp. The watch does not need any tools for setting up as you would have the connectivity options. You can connect it with IQ store for installing apps and no transformation is needed at all.

Bottom Line

These are complete sporty style multi-function GPS nice digital watches. The customization option is cool enough to enable you with customization of your watch face matching your style. You can change the buckle clasp strap for changing color or giving it an amazing premium look as it allows you to do it easily. I would recommend this digital watch to the sporty guys who love to adventure life. Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire is a predecessor from Garmin and a bit low budget also a great choice.

8. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Digital Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Digital Watch


  • Analog-digital watch
  • Never needs a battery
  • Japanese Quartz movement
  • Dive in deep water up to 200 meter
  • No customization options

Mini verdict

Citizen Watches with Eco-Drive and Analog-Digital display are coming with auto battery recharging capabilities. This is the second one I am reviewing from Citizen. It has a nice round shape in a stainless steel body.


An outclassed performer on the list of best digital watches 2021. You would have a charming round dial silver color stainless steel watch on your wrist. It has a nice dial windows screen with a black background screen and the time needles are also made of stainless steel with the lighting chromium to enable the watch screen to show you the time in the dark or fading light conditions.

Citizen Eco-Drive Analog-Digital Watch Specs & Features

One of the Best analog-digital watches on the list from Citizen. It is coming in the dimension of 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches and a round dial shape. Because of the multi-cultural face, it is popular among the masses for adoptable cultural approaches. This model was released in the year 2015 with silver color and stainless steel body.

It is coming in a case diameter of 45 millimeters and the case thickness is 13 millimeters. The band material is pure stainless steel with men’s standard of band length, while the bandwidth is 24 millimeters. It has a fold-over clasp with a single safety button.

The crown is smooth in pulling and pushing for setting up the time and date. Mineral type of dial window material with black color is looking gorgeous with blinking chromium stainless steel time needles. It is ready to dive in deep water up to 200 meters as it has strong water-resistant capabilities.

Bottom Line

Nice watches for men with ready to dive into deep water capabilities. The Eco-Drive would enable it to use continuously without charging or replacing the batteries. It would recharge the batteries automatically inside and outdoor. The watch is powered by light and you do not need to bother yourself with the charging. The amazing thing in Citizen watches with Eco-Drive is it would not need a specific light to power it. It is compatible with natural and artificial light for recharging. Durable in all aspects including the hard surface in silver color. It has both analog and digital display screens.

9. Braun Analog-Digital Watch

Braun Analog-Digital Watch


  • Attractive sleek design
  • Durable and casual wear
  • Remarkable black strap
  • No cons observed

Mini verdict

Barun is a well-known name on the market for the production of digital watches. The most elegant and irresistible model released by the company which allows you to wear casually. You can wear this durable analog-digital watch all the time.


Barun is a splendid manufacturer of watches out there and competing through the durable timekeeping products. Throughout history, Barun made a remarkable place among the watches production community. It is successful in the production of top digital watches and some other trendy watches that are recognized in tough competitions of the world. Barun designs the watches with creativity and attractive looks. This is an analog-digital watch with both the faces on the same screen.

Barun Analog-Digital Watch Specs & Features

This watch is coming with analog display and digital display in a cute sleek design. The case shape is round and all black on the dial screen window. The bezel is in silver color with a crown on the right side of the watch body. It has a stainless steel case with 44 mm of diameter and the movement type is Japanese quartz.

Barun watch is coming in a water resistance capacity of 160 feet which is a bit low as compared to some other digital watches out there on the market. It has dimensions of 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches and the weight is 7 ounces. A nonstandard battery is onboard to power it up. The dial window material is mineral and in a round shape.

It has a clasp buckle type for wearing it on your wrist. The body case thickness of 8 millimeters with Polyurethane band material. It has a bandwidth of 22mm with ceramic bezel material. The bezel is static and has no functions at all.

Bottom Line

One of the cute and attractive digital watches I tested and reviewed. You would find a fine crafted some technical pioneering refinements on this watch. If you are planning to have a decent analog-digital watch you should consider this one. Why do I recommend this for casual wear? Because it has a sleek cute design with visible time showing needles for analog display and lighting digital screen for digital display. A light-weight premium looking watch face which would give a graceful touch to your personality.

10. Timex Expedition Grid Shock Digital Watch

Timex Expedition Grid Shock Digital Watch


  • Tough in nature
  • Digital display screen
  • Cute watch face
  • The top is stainless steel only

Mini verdict

One of the best digital watches under 100 on the list from Timex. It has a big square edge face with a pure digital display on the screen. The grey metallic work around the bezel is making it attractive and cute in shape. A nice performer with a pack of specs and features.


Another tough one on the list. Real combat of torture with a sleek design and extremely attractive square edgy face. The prominent and important features of this watch are its recognized standard. It is recognized and certified by ISO for the tough and combating nature. Adventurer and outdoorsy would love to wear this watch on their wrist. The top plate of the watch window is made of stainless steel which gives it the worth of hardship.

Timex Expedition Grid Specs & Features

The sports watches for men are not rare the market is saturated with many varieties and brands. Expedition Grid is tough to combat released with special features of torture tests. You would not beat it in a tough situation, for an experience I put it in most hard conditions and it survived. This watch is in a rectangle shape with the grey silver coating on the stainless steel top plate bezel.

The case diameter of this watch is 50mm and the thickness reaching to 15mm. It has a pure digital display on the screen and no analog options. The bezel of the watch is static and has no functions to perform. The buttons on the chassis around the bezel enable you to set up the tasks on your watch. It has a bandwidth of 16mm with acrylic dial window material.

The watch movement is quartz type and has a water resistance capacity of 100 meters. Some special features include the alarm for alerts and timer for noticing of timekeeping. The Chronograph and shock-resistant features are also prominent on this watch. The case material of this digital watch is Risen which normally a tough material the watchmakers are using in making hardship watches.

Bottom Line

A nice-looking face of the watch would amaze you with some counted features and specs preloaded on it. The shock resistance capability of this watch is making you able to go on an adventure with this fella. I would recommend this watch to the guys who are searching for affordable digital watches around the market. As this one would not hurt your pocket at all. The attractive look and design would make you feel like having a premium watch on your wrist.

Best Digital Watches 2021 Buyer’s Guide

There are many varieties and brands of top-rated men’s watches. But the question is which would be better to pick for you. After the detailed reviews now it is easy to solve the riddle.

During planning to get a digital watch from the market you should keep some of the points in mind. These points would help you to get the best pick among the varieties and brands. Everyone is in search of good quality low price and dashing look when want to purchase some item. The wearables have some extra attraction and effort to choose the best one among them. So, keep in mind the kind and taste you have and you want in the product you planned to get.

When you know your taste it would lead you to the desired product. In digital watches, if you have a taste of sports, you should look for Barometer, Altimeter, timer, stopwatch, fitness tracker, GPS tracker, and weather alerts. But if you are with the normal taste you should only see the digital and analog timekeeping features. The date, day, and month including year calendar would be a value-added one. And today due to the varieties and many brands it is easy to find a pick of your taste and choice.

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