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Top Ten Best Digital Cameras Reviews 2020 | DSLR Buyer’s Guide

best digital camerasTechnological evolution introduced advanced featuring digital cameras with multiple new options. Not only that but also simple operative modes. If you are a professional photographer and want to experience the perfect quality of image, or video. Find your taste for DSLR in the top 10 list. After spending a lot of time, I found the top ten best digital cameras available right now.

Since the 1990s, the demand for digital cameras has increased. Japan was the first who introduced a digital camera in mobile phones in 2001 by releasing J-phone.

Nowadays, production companies are investing more in professional cameras. The compact cameras cannot be ignored as they also the best ones for photography. From mobile phones to vehicles, almost all devices have the feature of the DSLR. Built-in digital cameras mainly use JPEG format to store the clicks. However, pro photographers use expensive high definition DSLR lenses, high frequencies, and pixels.

People prefer to use them rather than traditional film cameras. Because these are more simple in use and affordable. The storage capacity, printing on paper in an easy way and easy transfer to one another are the amazing features. It has replaced the scanner to a large extent.

CCD and CMOS  are the two main types of image sensors with an optical system. It is consisting of a lens and a diaphragm with a variable feature to target light into an image. Besides that, the skill of a photographer also plays an important role to click good snapshots. Let us get into the reviews to explore them in-depth.

Top Ten Best Digital Cameras Reviews 2020

I am compiling a list for your convenience. We picked different types of digital cameras to make the choices easier. We always recommend reading the full review before making any decision.

1. Nikon D850 Full-Frame DSLR Camera

Nikon D850 Full Frame DSLR Camera

Mini verdict

The most anticipated digital camera Nikon D850. It is an expensive DSLR Camera for winning the title of the camera of the year 2017. One of the best low light digital cameras for professional photography.

  • By utilizes the whole width of the sensor,
  • 4K capture is possible.
  • Touchscreen
  • Low hit rate

Overview and Value

Nikon is a well-known brand in the market for making digital and compact cameras for a long time. Nikon made outstanding cameras around so far. With the advancement in the digital world, Nikon’s products are evolving parallel. Various models are out there from this brand and all are worth keeping in your gadget vault. Let’s review Nikon D850 to know the real stuff inside. I like this one and the choice is not limited here. I am also in love with cameras from Canon. It is an expensive piece of DSLR Camera with a pack of specs and features.

Nikon’s new release in the line of DSLR camera, Nikon D850 is the most anticipated model released in the year 2017. Its unique feature is a back-illuminated image sensor which improved its image quality and at Dxomark, it is the first DSLR which gain 100 points and also won the title camera of the year. If you are searching for a travel camera. It can serve you with the tasks you demand. I never make a comparison of Canon Camera with Nikon D850. If someone wants me to make a comparison of different brands of cameras. Your feedback would make me do it in the future.

In terms of speed, image quality and resolution, it proved groundbreaking by bringing together time-lapse recording and robust stills. It proved resolution and speed can coexist. The unique designed 45.7MP CMOS sensor and image processor EXPEED 5 makes it distinguished DSLR. There is no big difference in Nikon CoolPix 8800 and this release.

Nikon D850 Specs and Features

Are you looking for a long exposure and a perfect combination of specs and features? D850 is the perfect camera for long exposures and landscapes. The professionals who are shooting the world through a camera and want a better experience should try this one. It is the best camera for professional photography.

A 45.7MP CMOS Sensor enhances the maximum speed on rapid clicks during shooting. The extreme resolutions push you to the top of the range speed. You would have the best camera DSLR options with it. The 153 point AF system enables you to make up to 9 FPS1 continuous shooting on high-resolution setup.

A silent photography device with remarkable advancement across the board. The sensors, design, brilliant resolutions, dynamic range, and the auto-focus features are making it one of the best digital cameras for travel. You would be surprised to see the speed-light control. Almost all the cameras in the market are claiming speed light control but this one proved the claim during our tests.

The Wonderful Excitement

It is wonderful to have a back-side illuminated (BSI) FX-format full-frame CMOS image sensor with 45.7 megapixels and no optical low-pass filter. The sharper and richer in image capturing with such a high speed is an awesome feature of this digital camera. A lower ISO would give you all minute details on the capture of your shots.

You would have a built-in Bluetooth installed on it for extending the connectivity options. And of course, the Wifi on board is also an outstanding addition to this release of digital cameras. The video option of 4k quality is no doubt a great input attempt to Nikon D850 Specs.

There are a lot of options like silent mode to capture the wedding ceremonies and meetings gathering to avoid noise disturbance. You can tilt the screen during shooting and use the touch options to capture the scene. An outstanding focus quality in near to dark scenes.

Battery Life

Well, guys, the battery is an essential part of any tech gadget and electronic mobile devices. And how can we forget to review the battery life of this DSLR Camera? It would give you up to 184 shots on a full charge battery as tested in our lab. The battery tests are necessary to gauge the real worth of life. In fact, without the battery power, your camera is just a box, hate to carry along.

Bottom Line

The D850 is the best DSLR in the Nikon series ever released. 46 MP with improved ISO performance makes it the best option for all photographers. Time Lapse Function feature is helpful for those who shoot both stills and video. Weather sealing, good battery, wireless photo bridge pairing is all the key specification which makes it worth considering for all photographers.

2. Sony Alpha A7 III Digital Camera

Sony Alpha A7 III Digital Camera

Mini verdict

Capture the fast-moving objects and live actions with Sony digital cameras. It is made for sports shooting professionals and specialists. A supreme mix of speed, resolution, and features.

  • Durable and compact body
  • Improved speed
  • Good image quality
  • Continuous shooting up to 10fps
  • Well priced
  • The imbalance with greater lenses
  • Battery life not good
  • The absence of a built-in flash
  • AF working not good in dim light


We are reviewing the second one on the list of best digital cameras. And here we picked up the Sony digital cameras Alfa A7 III. It is released after A7 II bringing some handy upgrades. You would love to hear that it is a mirrorless full-frame ILCE Camera. Sony has its place among digital cameras due to its outstanding performance besides some of the downsides.

Sony has launched near the perfect full-frame camera, A7 III with 24.2 megapixels, high shooting speed, 4K video, and excellent image quality. It is the best model price perfect for weddings, event shooters, sports specialists. Although it does not possess high megapixels it is a supreme mix of speed, resolution, features, and price. It is highly recommendable for those photographers who capture fast-moving objects due to their improved buffer. Indeed, no slouch for the speed of A7 III.

This sony A7 III offers S-log3 and S-log2gamma curves for dynamic scenes, large capacity battery, AF joystick, and BSI sensor. I will highly recommend for generalist photographer but not for those who demand high resolution. Now this one would not beat your expectations in the resolution capability on the max. The Sony Alfa A7 RII is also one of the best DSLR cameras on the market.

Sony Alfa A7 III Specs and Features

The 24.3MP CMOS sensor will realize the fact of seeing the world which was beyond the vision before this release. Yes, a massive beauty with a pack of features bunch would take your experience to the next level. The back illumination for high sensitivity is one of the cool features of this digital camera for both the professionals and beginners. The unprecedented imaging performance is coming from some of the amazingly advanced features.

A 5-axis image stabilization is one of the super cool things on this piece of capturing device. The antireflecting steel glass coating is contributing to the outstanding performance in the long run. And of course, the AF system is more improved and sophisticatedly incorporated.

Yea, the 3-inch tilted LCD would enable you to tilt it and facilitate your photography quench without disturbing your position. The 4K video capturing quality is worth mentioning in this review. And the 100FPS shooting would take you to the burst of next-level photography. The Sony digital cameras batteries are supporting you in the shoot out. You can also connect the Sony digital cameras with wifi.

The area-specific noise reduction features would enhance you with the soft and sound high quality capturing. Additionally, at the low sensitivity settings, an impressive 15-Stop dynamic range would blow out your mind with the speed performance. Well, this one is standing the best camera for photography beginners.

Bottom Line

A7III is the perfect example of a full-frame camera with a good price tag. It is the best to the alternate of Nikon and canon, although it is called the DSLR killer would satisfy the appetite of both pro and amateur photographers. In comparison with this Sony digital camera price with other DSLR cameras, this one is the best pick.  This is one of the best Sony digital cameras with wifi connectivity options. If you are on the hunt for Sony professional digital cameras. This one would get you the pro experience with multi-tasking features.

3. Fujifilm X 100F Digital Camera

Fujifilm X 100F Digital Camera

Mini verdict

Particularly manufactured for closed photography. Versatile and sharp in capturing images with the endless pursuit of perfections.