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Best Portable Gaming Monitor 2021: (11 Top Playback Gaming Screens)

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2020)

best portable gaming monitor reviews 2021Did you play a high graphics game on a portable gaming monitor?

If yes? You definitely know the worth of the Playback 4k gaming screen with portability and high definition visual experience taking your game to the whole new level.

Your work table would have more space to get the room for other stuff. Now they can perform better on ultra high definition games with high resolution and smooth playback. Now they are not the way old without specific gaming features.

Sounds cool? Continue reading!

The sleek and comprehensive design of these playback portable screens is appealing. The portability of the monitors got smarter with the advancement and their sizes and weighing capacities reduced.

It is your call to choose a screen size and body chassis. Always pick easy to carry portable gaming monitors with low space requirements. They are not limited to your PC only, because now they have compatibility with all gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Every gamer would find his/her choice for a compact and cruising performance gaming screen.

While making a decision we leverage four main benefits in picking a monitor. We leverage mobility which means the liberty to carry your monitor with your wherever you go.

Nobody gives attention to the low space and power-saving benefits along with mountable advantages. If it is gaming fun without a gaming monitor, you missed a lot.

The best portable gaming monitors would give you the excitement on the high-resolution gaming experience. Without more ado let’s get to the reviews to know more about a portable gaming screen.

Best Portable Gaming Monitor 2021

We always suggest reading the full reviews before deciding to get a monitor. I am also sharing a list to make the selection more convenient for you.
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Best Portable Gaming Monitor In 2021: (11 Best 4K Gaming Screens Reviews)

1. Asus ZenScreen MB16AC

Asus ZenScreen MB16AC


  • Portable and attractive design
  • Great image quality
  • USB-C connectivity
  • It would hurt your pocket
  • Brightness offers low capacity

Mini Verdict: One of the most good-looking portable gaming monitor on the list by Asus. It offers many features but the price tag is expensive.

Asus ZenScreen MB16AC Full Specs

Display Size: 15.6-Inch LCD Screen | Resolutions: 1920 x 1080p FHD IPS | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Connectivity: USB Type-C | Eye-Care Technology: TUV | Dimensions: 8.9 x 0.3 x 14.2 in | Weight: 1.72-pound


Being a gaming lover when I picked up this USB portable monitor I felt that I found a giant as the fact is, it attracted me by its lovely design. when we tested it in our lab for the features it is claiming to offer. The results are quite matching to the claims by Asus. One thing which is important to mention is the low brightness on the screen display. The overall performance is really good and smooth on any task with a slim and stylish design. The best portable monitors are hard to find due to the exaggerated flow of various new brands and devices. But we made it easy for you by putting ourselves in hard times. If you want to set up a multi-screen using your laptop or pc to have a larger and quicker view, here we support you.

Asus ZenScreen MB16AC Design

If you look around Asus has made its name in the production of computing devices. And all of the products are cool with performance due to its great quality. ZenScreen MB16AC is a stylish one made by the company. Due to its slim and sleek design, it is easy to carry if you are traveling. The Travelers would love to have this handy device for an extra screen set up.

Mainly the design has a resemblance with Asus ZenBook some premium laptops by the company. You would see a reflection of color combinations and style while looking at it with a focus. They are slim like this stylish USB portable monitor. The magnetic screen protector is great which has the capacity of folding with the stand to make it more versatile and stylish.

Asus ZenScreen offers 14.16 x 8.91 x 0.31 inches dimensions and weighing 800 grams. I guess in the first hear you would say, it sounds big and heavy. But for the clarity, it also offers a slim body which is pretty easy to carry during travel. This is the reason it is a standard screen for productive and gaming purposes. The bezel around this playback screen is slim enough to accommodate a 15.6-inch screen which is a deal maker.

You would find the bottom bezel a bit wider for making a place for three buttons onboard with different functions. From these three buttons the two are dedicated for navigation on the screen and setup of blue light and the other one is for power. You will happy to know that it has a single port of USB on it which enables it to power up and give you the display up to 1080 pixels.

Asus ZenScreen MB16AC Performance

Portability is what we are searching for, if we pay a high price to get a screen and do not expect from it, it would be wrong. Asus ZenScreen MB16AC is a USB portable monitor where a single USB port is delivering you high-resolution image quality on your games and productive tasks. The USB also power up the screen to make it able to provide you the visual image. The design is derived from Asus Zenbook laptops as you will find the resemblance.

It is coming with IPS Panel accommodating the screen and giving a great performance. The pixel density is quite high with the numbers of 1080 pixels per inch which gives incredible results. It is compatible with your laptop and desktop and gives the facility of making icons and texts as well. The power-saving capacities of this portable gaming monitor are outstanding as it offers low brightness on the screen. It does not offer a touch screen and also you can view it from any angle.

Bottom Line

If you are a passionate gamer, also a traveler and looking for an extra screen to enjoy a game or movies on the go. You should go with this as it is recommended for gaming and watching videos or films. It has the capacity to show you what you are expecting from the best portable monitors. The compatibility with your laptop on low bright screen would save the power to prolong the battery life and give you real fun. It is a reliable and long-lasting device out there on the market.

2. GAEMS M240

GAEMS M240 portable gaming monitor


  • Ultra gaming experience on a large screen
  • HD Display with HDMI connectivity
  • TN panel for screen placement
  • Audio Jack
  • Built-in chamber speakers with subwoofer
  • Low brightness
  • USB ports are missing

Mini Verdict: A great lag free performer by GAEMS. M240 is a portable gaming monitor with professional experience of visual viewing.

GAEMS M240 Full Specs

Display Size: 24-inch | Resolution: 1920 x 1080p, TN-Panel FHD LED | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Connectivity: 2x HDMI input and 1 HDMI output | Weight: 8-pound | Dimensions: 20 x 6.8 x 15 in | Viewing angle: Ergonomic adjustable viewing angle


Gaming excitement on a 24 inches larger screen as compared to the other portable gaming monitors this one is unbeatable. Though it is a bit larger than the other ones, it has the worth to prove its capabilities being larger to give you a rich display experience. The display is a bit dim but it is not a deal-breaker as it offers a lot of other features which makes it stand in the front line with other big giants. Let us explore its performance and features to know what it is offering.

GAEMS M240 Design

M240 is offering a 24 inches TN-Panel display screen with a nice looking design. A wide display portable screen with high-resolution capabilities would appeal to you to play your high definition games on it. The design is quite amazing with small two wings on the right and left and on the top and bottom, it has a flat bezel.

There is no need for worrying about the scratches on the screen due to moving it from one place to another. why? Because you would have an onboard protector for the screen which is made of plastic. It will absorb the scratches and the screen would remain scratchless. Sound cool? Yea, it is cool with a larger screen you are getting a nice protector.

You would love to hear that this portable gaming monitor is offering a stand with the package. The stand is flexible and can be moved up to one-eighty degrees. Like you would have a viewable portable screen that would allow you the rotation as per your seating arrangements.

GAEMS M240 Features And Performance

The amazing part of the reviews where I love to explore the main features a product offers. Let us talk about M240 features and performance. You should know it that the monitor is coming in 1920 x 1080-ppi (Pixels Per Inch) TN-Panel display in 24-inch screen. It is a lag-free virtual gaming experience monitor I ever tested. If you are a professional gamer you would love what I said. Yes, it is a complete professional portable gaming monitor that would excite your gaming with the great performance.

Do you have a gaming console, I am asking about PlayStation 4 and Xbox, anyone? You would happy to hear that it is compatible with PS4 and Xbox. Sounds surprising? a larger screen with HD LED for your gaming, the excitement doubles here. The dynamic playback sound of the game is supported by “Dynamic Sound Stage Technology”. It is offering 4 speakers and a passive subwoofer to boost up the gaming sound.

Multi-connecting ability has also the worth to mention it here, as it has two mini HDMI ports (dedicated input) for multi-connectivity. You can connect two consoles at the same time for more productive fun with this portable HDMI monitor for gaming. It also offers one HDMI port for output as well.

Bottom Line

It is highly recommended for passionate gaming junkies due to its professional make and quality performance. Once you experience it you would definitely post a comment on this gaming geek. It would not beat you on high definition latest games. The multi-connectivity features allow you to do productive work with editing images or videos. Have a lag-free and reliable portable HDMI monitor for gaming and other tasks.

3. Hori Universal HD

Hori Universal HD portable gaming monitor


  • Slim design
  • Best portable gaming monitor for PS4
  • Incredibly great in performance
  • Compatible with various consoles
  • Ditched on batteries as you can not recharge
  • Poor audio sound

Mini Verdict: Another PS4 portable monitor, you should know it is not limited incompatibility to this single gaming console. It is compatible to connect with most of the consoles to experience an HD display.

Hori Universal HD Full Specs

Display Size: 15-inch | Resolution: 1366 x 768p The best focus is on 720p, LCD Screen | Weight: 2.78-pound | Connectivity: HDMI | Power: AC adaptor | Display Length: 193.8 mm | Display Width: 344.7 mm


A great value due to the universal features of compatibility with many of the consoles including PS4 to give you super cool gaming fun. Once you have a device that has an HDMI port you can connect it with this portable gaming monitor. It is pretty awesome to have a portable screen in which you can connect with any console. It sounds low when you traveled to a place where you have a console or PC but no screen. The easy carry of this portable monitor would solve this issue and would give you a company of real fella on your journey trip.

Hori Universal HD Design

Let talk about the design of these best portable monitors for PS4 and other gaming consoles. If you have a backpack with a laptop, now this slim designed screen can also be accommodated, and no worries for its weight. The inclusion of 2.78-pound weight along with your laptop would not feel heavy at all.

You would love to hear the 15.6-in LCD screen has a flat sleek design with 1366 x 768 pixels resolutions features. I set it up on 1080 pixels to test the worth of display on this setup. It was a bad experience, and due to the sleek and slim design, I wish it could give a nice display on 1080 pixels. The best results can be attained on 720 pixels and higher then this setup of the resolution would distract the focus.

Hori Universal HD Performance

Well, as I explained about the resolutions set up on 720 pixels has an outstanding visual result. So, keeping on the same setup you can connect it with any console like PS3, Xbox, 360, and x1 or your PC rig to extend the screen for gaming purposes. It would give you a super dynamic image quality without any distraction.

The performance test cleared by it with smooth streaming without any lag disturbance. I tried it on PS4 with metal gear solid. Metal gear solid is my all times favorite game for the great viewing graphics and strategic playback. If you have a query in your mind about “how to connect a monitor to the laptop?” Hori Universal HD is bringing a solution for all the devices with HDMI port.

Bottom Line

If you want to have a portable screen without any compatibility issues and also offer the gaming features, you would wish to have Hori Universal HD, as it has the worth and capacity to connect with any HDMI supporting device. Gaming on this screen has its own taste, the user who already uses it would know what I mean by own taste. A reliable gaming monitor that is fully portable and ready for action and movement.

4. G-Story 13.3″ HDR IPS WQHD 2K

G-Story 13.3 HDR IPS WQHD 2K portable gaming monitor


  • Compact package of portability
  • HDMI cum USB connectivity
  • High-resolution display features
  • VGA is missing on it

Mini Verdict: Play your smartphone game on a large screen or connect an extra screen to your laptop to enjoy gaming with G-Story. USB Type-C and dual HDMI making it ultra-portable and compatible gaming monitor with WQHD resolution abilities.

G-Story 13.3″ HDR Full Spes

Display Size: 13.3-inch | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels WQHD 2K real visual experience | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Weight: 4.85 pounds | Dimension: 19.9 x 17.7 x 6.9 inches | Connectivity: HDMI/USB Type-C


While unwrapping the package in the first look I got surprised to see the uniquely packed screen. If you want a FreeSync technology with WQHD display for your gaming experience you should read the detailed review on this portable gaming monitor for PS4 and other HDMI compatible devices. Have a smoother plug and play gaming experience on it. G-Story is a legend in the world of gaming with it comes to screen options.

G-Story 13.3″ HDR Design

The main focus of this post is picking up a gaming monitor that could support you in any gaming mode. G-Story has that capacity that is the reason we selected it, tested it, and reviewing it. The design is dedicated to FTS and FPS gaming experience, which means the support for any gaming mode.

If you see the HDR pattern insertion on this best portable gaming monitor it offers a lot with this feature. As the HDR would make dark areas soft and the same is the case with the brighter areas on the visual image display. An eye-care tech is also onboard to filter the blue light for protection of your eye-sight on long gaming durations.

G-Story 13.3″ HDR Performance

An HDR gaming experience without lag time, what else a gamer needs. A high-resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels display screen which measures 13.3 inches and offers a 16:9 aspect ratio of sharpness. The multiple interface option is great to include with the eye-care and FreeSync technology.

The connectivity features of HDMI and USB type-c ports are amazing. It is making the monitor compatible in connectivity with all the HDMI devices. You would be surprised to hear that now this portable gaming monitor can be connected with your smartphone for the gaming experience.

Bottom Line

Now either it is your PC rig with HDMI support, or your laptop or even your phone you are using for playing a game, this is compatible with all of them. sound cool? This is the real catch on this portable gaming monitor to give you a variety of options for connectivity and gaming experience on various devices and consoles.

5. GAEMS Vanguard

GAEMS Vanguard portable gaming monitor


  • Suitable screen size
  • Decent sound speakers
  • A durable casing
  • Hardly reaches 1080 pixels

Mini Verdict: GAEMS is popular for gaming screens, this one fits with all consoles and gives a great experience. Take your game to a different level. It is coming with a sling pack for making it easy to carry.

GAEMS Vanguard Full Specs

Display Size: 19-Inch EL-LED Screen | Resolutions: 720p and 1080p FHD | Connectivity: HDMI | Technology: TSA Friendly | Dimensions: 19.75 W x 7 D x 16.75 H inches | Weight: 8-pound


Well, do you need a gaming screen which fits with all consoles, you should go with this one. Why? The answer to this why will be explained in this review with detailed information about this portable gaming monitor. It is compatible with the entire range of Xbox gaming consoles and PS3 and also PS4. So, get a portable gaming monitor for PS4 and your other gaming consoles.

GAEMS Vanguard Design

Vanguard is offering a quite stylish design in a PGE sling pack. It is offering LED light on the screen with HDMI connectivity and PGE remote along with the accessories bag. The full customized designed with the options to remove the center badge. Now have a gaming screen which can transform any space into your personal gaming environment.

Along with the beauty of the design, the metal coned speakers chamber is amazing in giving you decent sound for the playback of your games. To make it more personalized you have the dual audio jack option to insert gaming headphones set.

GAEMS Vanguard Performance

Immersive gaming experience with 720 pixels (1080 pixels scale) setup of resolution for the screen. The outstanding performer on playing games even if you are traveling or waiting for your flight at the airport. Vanguard would not let you down at any place. The El-LED screen with backlight is great to mention here along with the support for almost all the gaming consoles.

It is offering a PGE sling with PGE remote making it reliable for travel with you. The package also offers HDMI cable, adapter and TSA friendly features.

Bottom Line

Frequent travelers with a taste of gaming on the move would love to make a personalized gaming place anywhere on the go. This one is a completely portable package with the features of compatibility to connect with PS3, PS4, and all range of Xbox series. So, what are you thinking if it matches your taste and priorities? Just get it, pop it up, and play on a ready plug and play gaming playback screen.

6. AOC E1659FWU Ultra Slim

AOC E1659FWU Ultra Slim


  • Quick response time
  • Multiple connectivities
  • USB powered portable gaming monitor
  • Only compatible with USB devices

Mini Verdict: AOC monitors with USB type-c power capacities for gaming experience would take you to the next level of gaming fun. The Ultraslim chassis is easy to carry in travel, it is a priority for frequent travelers.

AOC Ultra Slim Full Specs

Display Size: 15.6 inches | Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels at the rate of 60Hz | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Sharpness | Contrast Ratio: 500:1 | Viewable Angle: 90 degree and 45 degree | Connectivity: USB Type-C port | Weight: 2.4 pounds | Power: USB


One of the best portable gaming monitors with the ultra-slim body and better performance, the credit goes to AOC for the production of such an amazing screen. Imaging the fast speed and performance with a USB connected monitor, it has the spark to realize the fast and smooth actions. There is no interruption and distraction in the streaming of visual viewing content.

AOC Ultra Slim Design

It is designed in a piano black glassy color of finishing with a 15.6 inches diagonal screen. Along with the great portability and compatibility, it has a sleek slim design weighing lighter than most of the competitors’ claims for light-weight monitors. The foldable flex-stand is offering you to adjust your monitor for landscape or portrait viewing settings according to your preferences and seating arrangements.

You would be happy to hear that this AOC monitor is not just limited to your gaming fun. It is offering to manage and create documentation, progressive worksheets, presentations, photo & video editing, and other multi-tasking activities. Now it is the strength of your connected PC or laptop or any computing device compatible with it to support the tasks. This PC monitor would not let you down.

AOC Ultra Slim Performance

With a single USB type-c, 3.0 connection AOC Ultra Slim portable gaming monitor would give you a faster transfer rate to make things fast and quick. If it is connected to a strong PC the fun becomes double as it has the capabilities to give you a strong and active feel on processing tasks. While looking at AOC G2460PF gaming monitor it has the worth of performance but purely designed for the money guys.

The high resolution 1366 x 768 pixels screen at 60Hz with 1.78:1 of aspect ratio would give you a sharp and rich display while setting it up on 760 pixels. It is offering 8 microseconds of response ratio with 500:1 of contrast ratio. The other important feature is the support for 16.7 million colors which is making the performance better. It has 200cd/m2 brightness features with spontaneous connection abilities.

Bottom Line

Frequent travelers, business guys, and gaming junkies would appreciate the made of AOC monitor with USB connectivity. In fact, the single cable for multi-purposes is ensuring the real portability and compatibility on this monitor. The DisplayLink software installation making it a real boost for compatibility with your Mac and PC. It is one of the best portable monitors for a laptop when you install the drivers to make it compatible with it.

7. Asus MB168B+

Asus MB168B+


  • Full HD display screen
  • USB powered portable monitor
  • The Slimmest portable screen ever
  • Only USB compatible

Mini Verdict: Ultra-portable with USB powered capabilities Asus MB168B+ is the worlds slimmest portable gaming monitor. It is a stylish, customizable, and reliable piece of the playback screen for your laptop or gaming console.

Asus MB168B+ Full Specs

Display Size: 15.6 inches | Resolutions: 1366 x 768 pixels HD screen | Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Dimensions: 9.3 x 14.9 x 0.3 inches | Connectivity and Power: USB | Weight: 1.7 pounds


It is better to have an extra screen instead of having one screen with productivity hurdles and many tabs. The single USB port is used to power it up and also stream your visual content. You would enjoy a full HD quality image display on this portable gaming monitor. The sleek and slim design is making it ultra-portable and ready to travel.

Asus MB168B+ Design And Features

The most thinner and lighter USB powered portable monitor for gaming has a gorgeous design. The massive performer on the list of these reviews. Incredibly ultra-portable and negligible weight is making it ready for travel and transforms any place to the personal gaming environment.

On the left edge of the body of this slim monitor, you would find the power button and the brightness control buttons. You would need its own 1 pound cover for carrying it with you. The screen is auto adjust, you do not need any desk or surface for adjustment it according to your seating arrangement.

Asus MB168B+ Performance

MB168B+ Asus portable monitor is offering a full high definition display with the resolution support of 1366 x 768 pixels. It is a USB powered portable monitor which would take your gaming experience to the next level. Once you connect it with your laptop or PC or gaming console it starts autoconfiguration with the system. It downloads the DisplayLink software automatically and installs it to provide you plug and play ready gaming monitor.

It is offering a display size of 15.6 inches screen with USB connectivity for power and visual content streaming with a single cable. And the connection supplies enough power that you won’t need any other source for power supply. If you compare this one with other portable monitors with USB2.0 connectivity, they struggle for showing strength and quality performance.

Bottom Line

Its sleek and slim body chassis itself is appealing enough to say that it is the most lightweight and the worlds’ slimmest portable gaming monitor on the market. Pro gaming and productivity are its core features with rich colors and lag-free performance. I would recommend this beauty to the travelers who are frequently visiting places for business and tourism and all the above found of games.

8. WIMAXIT Portable Touch Monitor

WIMAXIT Portable Touch Monitor


  • Massive Performer
  • Decent speakers onboard
  • USB Type-C 3.1
  • LED display screen
  • Sometimes you need to connect type-c USB cable to power it up

Mini Verdict: A portable gaming monitor uniquely designed for you PS4 by Wimaxti. It is perfectly fitting on the PS4 console to give you the massive fun of gaming. Even your gaming laptop would become a massive gaming peripheral by the addition of this screen.

ETTG GAEMS T905 Full Specs

Display Size: 15.1 inches | Resolutions: 1920×1080 pixels full HD LED Screen | Dimensions: 13.78 x 8.82 x 0.35 inches | Weight: 4 lbs | Connectivity & Power: USB type-c, HDMI


A gaming console without a screen is just a box where you can keep your DVD of games nothing else. But if you have a screen of good quality which is giving you smooth gaming excitement, then the same box becomes an entertainment hub. Wimixit portable screen is specially designed for your PS4 gaming console to take your gaming fun to the next level with a rich display on the LED screen. It is the best portable monitor for laptops which could provide progressive support along with gaming fun.


I am personally a fan of its design, but it’s not only the design which would lead to making a deal as there are some more dynamic features which are appealing. It has a nice LED screen of 15.1 inches which can deliver you a lag-free visual content with 1080 pixels ratio.

A next-generation PS4 gaming excitement on a screen which is adjustable and offering the USB type c 3.1 single port for power supply and visual content streaming. Well, techie guys are improving everything and providing the compact designs. With every new day, you would hear something incredible invented around in the tech world. The changes are visible in the products coming to the market today. The screen is touch one and has a 16:9 of aspect ratio.


If we make a statement that says the performance is marvelous like its design. I would suggest improvements on the design as the performance is extremely splendid with lag-free content streaming of your high definition games with a 1080 pixel ratio of the rich color display. Upgrading it to a display screen without bezels on the bottom of the front would bring more charm.

The 2nd gen built-in speakers are an amazing addition to the monitor as you would have decent sound playback of your game. I am sharing good news for the fellas who are in search of an affordable gaming monitor they should go with this for real gaming fun.

Bottom Line

The portable gaming monitor for PS4 is offering a price under 300 US bucks which is a quite attractive tag for the gaming geeks who want a portable playback screen for their gaming console. It is highly recommended due to its super charming design as it has the capacity to give high performance with a strong and fast feel.

9. GeChic 1503E 15.6″

GeChic 1503E 15.6 portable gaming monitor


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • VGA, USB and HDMI Ports
  • Multi mounting versatile
  • Wireless media sharing
  • Nothing observed yet

Mini Verdict: A multi mountable lightness piece of art in a portable gaming monitor. The 15.6-inch playback screen would allow you to connect with VGA, USB, and HDMI. A real best piece of work by GeChic on this model.

GeChic 1503E Full Specs

Display Size: 15.6 inches | Resolutions: 1920 x 1080 pixels display AAS panel Full HD LED-Lit screen | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Color depth: 262, 144 | Brightness: 220nits | Dimensions: 15.03 x 0.43 x 9.68 inches | Weight: 1.7 pound | Connectivity: VGA, USB, and HDMI


A super light LED-Lit AAS panel full HD portable gaming monitor on the list of these reviews. I was checking for GeChic 1503A to pick it up for testing it in our tech lab but find this one. As 1503A is now not coming from the company with new make. The production is stopped by the manufacturer and they are referring to this model 1503E as it is more compact than the old one. Let us explore the design, features, and performance of this beauty.

GeChic 1503E Design

Incredibly slim and super lightweight chassis in an extremely attractive design. Ready to travel and to perform your tasks on the go. Now set up your gaming station at your home or in a recreational place, it is your priority. The design is unique with the horizontal and vertical display options.

You know the thinness of the body is measuring only 11 millimeters which means a true slim body with a cover to protect it and give you stand support. Connect it with any device either your smartphone, android tablet, PC rig, laptop, or gaming console.

GeChic 1503E Performance

A masterpiece of lightness in weighing capacities with 1.7 pounds and 15.6 inches display with the resolution support of 1290 x 1080 pixels AAS panel screen. The LED-Lit screen has the capabilities of 262 and 144 color depth along with the brightness up to 220 nits.

Easy connectivity with your gaming console either it is PS4 or Xbox, will not let you down on the compatibility part. This portable gaming LED monitor is offering VGA, USB, and also HDMI type of connectivity.

Bottom Line

An Ultra-light portable LED screen that is uniquely targeting gaming lovers with traveling passions. As the design is offering a cover which is a multi-purpose one, also protecting the screen from scratches and give you support to make the 1503E standing.

10. GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp

GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp


  • Offering a carry case
  • Twin headphones ports
  • No storage disc

Mini Verdict: A large footprint when you open it with the massive next-generation personal gaming environment. The body is made of hard plastic in premium look.

GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp Full Specs

Display Size: 15.5 inches | Resolutions: 720p EL-LED-Lit HD Screen | Connectivity: HDMI | Weight: 8 pounds | Dimensions: 20″W x 6.8″D x 15″H


This personal gaming environment is pretty cool with fitness compatibility on PS4Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Atx PC. So, wherever you are and your eyes want a glory of gaming, just open the PGE Sling and turn it on with the power button. The next-generation gaming excitement with the rich display of visual contents.


Normally you would be aware of the personal gaming environment that has its unique place in the gaming world. It offers a fit console with a PGE sling bag and some built-in pockets for the accessories and of course, your gaming disks to keep the same and proper.

A large footprints screen when opens, the attraction becomes double with the eye-catching design. I love the way this package is made through the time for gaming. As it would make you independent for gaming and other multitask you want to do with it. For other tasks, you have the choice to connect it with your HDMI compatible devices.

GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp Performance

The 24 inches onboard screen is coming with a 1440p ratio to give you the personal gaming environment on the go. It is great in performance when you play games on it from a high definition profile. The lag-free streaming of visual content is super amazing on a 24″ Built-in monitor. It is a true gaming monitor with an IPS display. The 9ms response time proving its worth by performance to keep among your gaming stuff.

The stereo playback sound experience is great when you are watching a movie or playing a fun game. Every single detail is visible on the screen for taking you to the next level of excitement. It is ready to travel in a secure package and light to carry.

Bottom Line

Hey, gaming geeks here is another recommended personal gaming environment console for you. The PGE Sling bag is protecting your gaming console and the console itself offering great features and design. It is ready to travel with an audio jack for stereo sound on headphones and also onboard speakers for a decent movie or gaming sound.

Best Portable Gaming Monitor Buyer’s Guide

For a travel to make his or her trip convenient with a progressive return without wasting time and resource the portable monitor are essential. But, when you have the taste of gaming as an addiction, then you would look for choice from the gaming playback screen which could offer you productivity and gaming both types.

Before going to the market for searching for any portable screen you should consider some of these points. A best portable gaming monitor should have the capacity of VGA, USB, and HDMI connectivity. FreeSync and ultra compatibility features it should offer. These points would save your time and hard-earned cash from wasting out for nothing. As it is a fact that without the accurate knowledge you could mess up your excitement and fun.

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