Technpick Internet Marketing Scholarship Announcement 2019-2020 | For Students

Technpick Internet Marketing Scholarship Announcement 2019-2020 | For Students

Welcome to a $2000 Scholarship Program of Technpick to help the innovative and creative minds.

Technpick is a site which publishes different researched-based information especially products unbiased reviews and buyer’s guides. We normally provide advise to the people around the globe to make their choices more reliable and authentic. Our priority for picking up products varies from tech, gadgets, outdoors, and other home use related products.

Some examples of our pieces of advice are as below;

Technpick is making an announcement of internet marketing scholarships. The scholarship is for college students, in fact, it is the search for cream and innovative minds. We sometimes could not use our creative mind due to unawareness. It is a loss of talent. So, to dig out the talent and creative minds technpick is making this announcement.

All students have their own priorities and interests. This scholarship program is offering a $2500 to those creative students who have an interest in internet marketing, share your concept in the form of content with us. The students would get the opportunity to work with our company as an employee (part-time) to add more value to his/her financial benefits.

It should be pretty clear to all the students. By all, I mean student from any field of study can apply for this scholarship program.

General Terms

  • A participant needs to write an 800-1200 words article on internet marketing.
  • A participant must be clear about his idea.

How to submit

  • A participant needs to write an email subject line “Technpick’s Scholarship – <name>”.
  • Full name.
  • Email Address.
  • Phone number.
  • School/College/University name.

Email example

Subject: Technpick Scholarship – Andrew Jacob

Hi, This is Andrew from Virginia, United States. I am a BS Finance and Administration student at Stanford University.

Contact: 1233456789

Institute Address: ABC XYZ, Serra Mall, Stanford CA 94301, USA


Email us your idea at


Submit your idea until June 21, 2020. We will announce the 2 winners on July 6, 2020.