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Best Wireless Charger In 2022: (Experience The Smart Charging)

best wireless chargers reviewsThe world of tech is evolving and new inventions are making it smarter. Our team is putting a new gadget to enhance your experience with a wireless charger.

For living smartly you need smart moves and work smartly. The best wireless charger collection would enable you to experience smart charging. You would get rid of annoying cables all the time bothering you.

Everyone got a phone today and a smartphone. The cable or wired charging is an old talk now. This post would contribute to providing the answers to desperate questions like “what is the best wireless charger?” Or “how a wireless phone charger works?”

I am thankful to my team for making it possible to write the reviews and the buyer’s guide for you guys. We tested many wireless chargers in our tech lab to pick the best one for you.

Smartphone companies are trying hard to add more convenience to our lifestyle. Getting rid of the wired charger of your phone would make your life more comfortable. So without making any delay let’s jump into the reviews.

Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers In 2022 List

Choosing The Best Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are not existing for so long, but the technology is not introduced recently. Overall the technology of wireless things has existed for over a century now. I submit that it would feel confusing but it is pretty clear from history.

Nikola Tesla introduced it with the concept of shifting electricity through the air in the 1800s. But if you see the overall market for these devices, especially wireless charging did not take so long.

Most of the smart players are interested in it. This is due to the convenience and trends prevailing in the market. No one is ready to involve in complicated things. Everyone wants to ease in life and this is what the wireless charger is bringing like other smart tech products and gadgets.

A copper coil creates a fluctuating magnetic field to induce current flow to recharge your phone’s battery. You can recharge your smartphones with safety and ease. Also, the devices are not limited to charge only your phone. Your smartwatch found an easy solution for charging it on the wireless charging pad.

Even your tabs and pods can be charged on these devices. So a single gadget can give you multi-tasks. But before going to purchase one, you should read this guide to enhance your know-how about these gizmos.

How Does A Wireless Charger work?

To understand the physics of the working mechanism you need to know the magnetic field. It was a conceptual mechanism that evolved and brought into practice to bring comfort to lives.

It works the way where a transmitter is placed near a receiver. The transmitter creates a fluctuating magnetic field and the receiver would receive the energy flow in the form of electricity.

How To Pick A Wireless Charger?

Here comes the essential part of this guide. When you know the concept of its working mechanism and having a smartphone is probably the latest one.

You would feel the urge for a wireless charger to bring convenience to your life and experience smart charging. Let us know the answer to the question of how to pick one for your phone.

Size And Shape

Wireless chargers are coming in a variety of designs and sizes. Everyone is offering their features. And the same thing is making a difference among them. Some are pretty good with one model or device and some are good with others.

So it is essential to know what you should expect to get from your charger and what to choose for your phone or devices. Mainly the wireless chargers are divided into three different categories. That includes puck, stand, and mats.

It means you have to choose from these three categories when you plan to purchase a wireless charger. Puck is the most common one among the other categories. Due to the resemblance of its looks with ice hockey puck the pad is also named Puck.

It is round and on the top, you can place your phone for charging it. Stand, as it is clear from its name that it is a kind of stand for placement of your phone to recharge. As compare to pucks stands are not coming in sleek and stylish designs like pucks.

But on the other hand, if you compare the issues. You would face fewer issues on stands comparatively. On stands, you can place your phones in portrait and landscape positions for charging.

Mats are the same as pucks as they also lie flat on the surface. If you make comparison mats are not so well built as the pucks are crafted. Pucks are stylish and are coming in good-looking design in all three categories.

Charging Power And Speed

You cannot leverage this part of the guide as the charging speed is the most essential element to check for before making any purchase. If I say that this is the single reason due to which still wireless chargers are lacking in prevailing the market.

They are not capable of delivering the amount of power that a cable charger could do. Companies are giving special attention to this part and this is the reason some of the wireless chargers are coming with improved capacities.

The power range starts at 5 watts, it is fine for the reasons I am exploring here. If you require a charger that could charge your phone overnight while you are sleeping.

Or you are not using your phone in the workplace or at home. Go for this one as it would give you the charging in a long time. Most of them are coming with 7.5 watts power flow they are comparatively good as compared to 5w.

The next crank of power flow is 10 watts where the real fast charging could take place in more than an hour. But if you see the 13.5 watts crank the fast charging would fill up the juice in less than an hour. So now it is your preference for choosing one that could save you time.

Safety Features

Most of the wireless chargers for iPhone and Samsung are now more intelligent in safety measures. However, the Qi labeled wireless chargers are coming in the same sense.

Safety for your phone in terms of overcharging control, heat control, and overcurrent control are necessary. If you take this just for granted your phone could seriously damage due to unstable charging.

Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers In 2022 Reviews

1. Mophie Charge Stream Pad

Mophie Charge Stream Pad

Wireless Charging Standards in a light, compact and grippy design compatible with Qi-enabled devices. Experience a smart and fast charging pad. All the Qi-enabled devices could be charged with this beauty.

As it is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. It is made for iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 plus, and Samsung. It is impressive having 0.46 x 3.82 x 3.82 inches and extremely light in weight by having a weighing capacity of 4.5 ounces.

We made a comparison with Mophie wireless charging station and the charge pad stream plus replaced its predecessor. And it has the capacity of fast charging. It can charge through phone cases.

This is the best wireless charger for iPhone and all other Qi-enabled devices including Samsung smartphones. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus could also be charged on this pad. It is producing 10W of power instead of 7.5 as its predecessor was able to deliver.

So this is also the main upgrade on stream pad plus. A single gadget to give relief especially charging your all Qi-enabled devices on a single charge pad.

Now one device would be able to facilitate your whole family for having smart charging. A very fast charging pad that would give you the facility of overcharging control and also a decent control on overcurrent.

  • Fast Charging
  • Compatible with Qi-enabled devices
  • Lightweight
  • Safe and reliable
  • Heating Control is weak

2. RAVPower Wireless Charger

RAVPower Wireless Charger

One of the best wireless chargers for iPhone 8 to X and Samsung S7 to S8 and note 8. The most attractive and futuristic design with a sleek body. At the first look after unpacking this charging pad, I was impressed with the sleek design.

It is coming in a nice round shape and with a charger and cable to connect it with power. This one on the list is also Qi-certified and has a futuristic look. It is the best wireless charger for the Note 8.

If we talk about the design it is attractive and quite decent in making. While on the charging side more chargers are faster than this one available on the market. But looking at the low-end price tag it has the worth to keep.

It could not go beyond the range of 7.5w power delivery. During tests in our tech lab, I observed the fact of lowering the power to 5W during charging. On the compatibility part when we tested it, to be honest, it can detect iPhone fast.

Though it is also compatible with Samsung S7, S7+, S8, and Note 8. You can put your iPhone 7 to X all the series on charging with this device. It can deliver 7.5W power while charging your smartphone.

Keeping the facts of downsides in mind I would recommend this wireless charger for your Apple devices and also for the techie guys. You cannot keep it in common places and this sleek design charger would not work properly.

However, overheating control along with overcurrent and overcharging control are the best sides to it. I would suggest you do not charge your device for too long.

  • Futuristic design
  • HyperAir Tech
  • Overheating, Overcharging, and Over current protection
  • Not feasible for all areas

3. PLESON Fast Charging Pad

PLESON Fast Charging Pad

When you compare a product in manners of price and features this one is the most affordable wireless charger. The low price tag with an amazing offer of features would please you. I like you to get something worth more than the price.

A low-end price with wonderful features is bringing Pleson wireless charge to the top of the list. The best budget wireless charger that could deliver 13.5w power for fast charging. However, this power could be delivered only on a Samsung smartphone.

The only downside is that it could only deliver fast-charging power to Samsung phones. Decent design with intelligent gestures this wireless charger is at the top of the list when it comes to the low-end price. The most worthy thing is its offer of maximum power delivery.

When you place your phone for charging it the LED light gives you the green signal. That means your phones are charging now. If it is a Samsung it would be charged at a super-fast speed. As it is a specifically compatible wireless charger for Samsung.

So it is clear that it is the Samsung-friendly one but it worths keeping. It is one and a half times faster than the others by offering the top power delivery. The counted time for a cent percent charge is less than an hour.

It is cool if you are running out of time and need a super-fast charger for your Samsung. Pleson fast wireless charger is the best budget wireless charger I ever tried. If you are using some other Qi-enabled phone.

I mean other than Samsung Galaxy Suite you should think about some other charging pad. However, you can charge your Galaxy tabs on Pleson wireless charging pad stand. For iPhone do not expect more than 7.5w power delivery.

Straight away recommended for the Samsung Galaxy S series starting from S 7 EDGE and latest. While for the other ones you would need another charging pad or charger.

Even the Qi-enabled phones would also need some other charging device for you as they would not be able to deliver the power you expect from it. So, due to its low-end price, it has the worth to keep it for your Galaxy devices.

  • Suitable for Samsungs Phones
  • Fast charging at 13.5 watt
  • Attractive design
  • Samsung phones can get charge only
  • While charging you can’t use the phone

4. Samsung Wireless Charger Stand

Samsung Wireless Charger Stand

By the name do not confuse that Samsung made it compatible with only Samsung phones. Nope, the case is different here, it is compatible with all the Qi-enabled phones including iPhone from 8 to X. Get an effective and powerfully fast charging pad.

Another beautifully crafted sleek design best wireless charger on the list of these reviews. It is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones and tablets. When I saw it first I was thinking that it would be only supporting Samsung devices. But after testing it I realized the fact that you can use it for any Qi-enabled phone.

So it is not only the wireless charger for Samsung, don’t be confused. Looking at the design this wireless charger is coming in an extremely sleek and futuristic design. The shining charging pad looks catchy when it is placed on your desk.

Beautiful in looking and the nice round shape body could be adjusted at any space. It is giving you the liberty to make it a wireless charger for the iPhone and all other Qi-enabled devices. The stand is making it more attractive when you pull up the charging pad for charging your smartphone.

It is coming is a two disks shape layer on one another. The two disks when separate for making it a charging stand you would find enough space for your phone to place on it. You should be happy to hear that you can place your phone at any angle and it would charge.

It is the best wireless charger for galaxy s9 to get fast charging. By the name or company, it is always confusing that it would be specifically crafted for the devices only from the same company. But here, it is a different Samsung fast charging pad that is compatible with all the Qi devices.

So you can charge your iPhone and tabs with it. The most effective one and could deliver 9-watt of power to any phone to make it a fast charge. As I already mentioned the fact that this is the super-fast wireless charging pad launched by Samsung.

And the most important thing is you would have the liberty of charging any of your latest devices from any brand. So this one on the list is the solution for recharging with a fast charger for all your Qi-enabled smartphones.

  • Cooling fan at the back side
  • Fast charging wireless charger
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Not a case friendly

5. Choetech Wireless Charger

Choetech Wireless Charger

Another one on the list of best wireless charger reviews for all the Qi-enabled devices and at the low-end price tag. The wonderful experience of most safe and stable wireless charging.

If you are considering this a wireless charger iPhone would be fully supported by it so do not plan to get it. As it is not that fast with Apple products. However, all the devices from Qi certification could be charged on it.

It is compatible with Samsung Note 8, 8 plus, 9, and 9 plus and also with iPhone X, XS, XR and max and many others. Let us get it to know in a bit of detail. By the design, I would describe it as a wireless charging stand for your phone.

You can easily place your phone in any direction either portrait or landscape and also would be able to use your phone. The charger is fast and could fill up the power juice in around an hour to your phone. The base of the stand contains an LED light strip for an indication of the mode.

The LED when turns blue you should know that the charger is on standby mode now. For knowing when the charger is charging your phone, you should place your phone on the stand in any pose and the strip would glow green. The green means your phone is charging now.

I am happy to say the fact that it can deliver the power of 10-watt to give you fast charging. It is compatible with all Qi-certified devices including tabs and pods. But you should keep in mind that it works with the latest devices not older than S6 in Samsung smartphones and iPhone 8 with Apple devices.

The rubber for making the grip hold stronger would give a more safe feeling while you place your phone on it. It is worth mentioning that the charging and temperature protection features are there to give you a more supportive feel.

All the things included in the space for placing your phones are standardly made on this wireless charging stand. And of course, the ability to fill up your phone with power juice fast is there to save your time unlike waiting for long hours.

Fast charging with a safe and stable charging stand that could also control the heating and overcharging by using its intelligence is a cool thing on it.

  • Modes options for charging
  • Stable Charging
  • Wide and safe charging area
  • No adapter in the box
  • Apple devices could not charge so fast

6. Seneo Wireless Charger

Seneo Wireless Charger

A case-friendly charger with a better and smart experience of wireless charging with Seneo. Safety and intelligence put together to an anti-slippery charging stand. Like the others on the list of the best wireless charger reviews, this one is also not limited to only one device.

All Qi-enabled phones can be charged on this charging stand. It is a case-friendly device. By this I mean if your phone is wearing a nice suit of beautiful protective case. You do not need to remove the case for charging on this fast charger pad.

The coolest sleek design with curved edges in a portrait standing, a delicate engineering craft. The world-leading brand counted in the quick growers of the wireless charging like Samsung, Seneo proved its worth in producing such amazing and quality products.

The LED light on the base looks good. When it turns blue on it would indicate the abnormal charging activity. When it turns green your phone is charging and also the same for a full charge. At the level of a fully charged phone unlike some other wireless chargers, it would give you protection from overcharge.

On Seneo, the green indication stops charging as well. It is intelligent enough to protect your phone from any abnormal charging activity. The protective stand at the base for your phone’s placement is incredibly cool and safe.

Your phone would get power juice with a protective pad. I didn’t forget to check the power delivery of this beauty. You would love to hear that it can deliver a 10-watt at the max and has the capability of fast charging. If I make a comparison of Seneo I would make it in the time taken for a full recharge.

Here is the downside of this one it is going beyond one hour for a fast charge. But I guess looking at the pocket-friendly price tag is worths it. A nice quote by some wise man is the best fit here. That says, live smart and play smart.

Like the other one on the list, it has also no compatibility issues and also offering a sleek design. On all this, it is durable and reliable due to its intelligence and decent performance. All the Qi devices are allowed to charge on it.

The list is not limiting here as the Seneo has more devices in terms of compatibility. From Galaxy Note 5 onward, and S 6 onward and the list goes on.

  • Case friendly charging
  • Safe and intelligent charging stand
  • Nice looking design
  • The LED lighting is confusing for newbies

7. RAVPower Qi Car Fast Charger

RAVPower Qi Car Fast Charger

The latest one is on the list of these reviews. Delicately designed for mounting it with a car to give you fast and effective super-fast wireless charging on the move. A one-stop charger that would allow you to charge your phone anywhere by mounting it to your car.

Amazing design in looks and have a grip hold for your phone. Easy and simple one-handed use would excite your user experience during driving. Supportive is balanced and fast charging keeping your phone full of juice with stability and safety. One of the best wireless chargers for the latest models of iPhone and Samsung devices.

Clipping on a Qi-enabled charger would give you the feel of a solution for recharging. Because the design is also offering a phone holder to keep your phone safe during travel. It is the best wireless car charger for your iPhone and Samsung devices.

So, this latest set of car mounting charging pads with a holder would solve all your issues with charging. The dual USB charging plug on the base of the casing is incredibly great to enable easy mounting. I am also impressed with the 4.6 x 3.3 x 1.9 inches dimensions and the 11.5 ounces of lightweight.

The only thing you should take care of is to place it or install it properly in your car. Without giving proper attention to the installation with the cradle would make you face problems. The problems are severe that your phone would be got damage but it would waste your time.

It is good at fast charging as it would deliver 7.5w of power to charge your phone. By seeing the power range at max on a car mounting. With all of the above, you would have a single-handed usability experience to use your phone during charging.

The heat control and overcharge protection are also there on this wireless car charger. Get a wide range of compatibility to remove the tension of phone charging during travel. So the charging pad with a holder for your phone is highly recommended for frequent travelers.

All the family members can use it for charging their devices which could be placed in the holder. Officially it is compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S9 S8 Plus Note 9 and 8 models.

  • Fast charging
  • Wide range compatibility
  • Powerful for all phones
  • Single hand easy phone use
  • Installation needs proper attention
  • Heat up the phone sometimes

8. Andobil Wireless Car Charger

Andobil Wireless Car Charger

Another evolutionary beauty on the list by Andobil. It is a wireless car charger with an automatic phone holder with one tap to release and lock. By adding such gadgets to your devices list has one simple purpose of adding some value. And it would not let you down in doing so.

The charger is coming with automatic adjustment features. You would have a simple and one-handed use for placement and removing your phone on this charger. And unlike the others, it could automatically adjust according to the case of your phones.

Talking about its design I love the 4.7 x 3.3 x 2.7 inches dimensions it is offering. And of course, the 4.8 ounces of lightweight capacity would please you. You would need an adapter as a power source for it. It can be easily mounted and installed on the dashboard of your car.

You would have the liberty to place and remove your phone on this charging dock with one hand. The simple and easy single tap would hold or release your phone. It can deliver 7.5 watts of power and has fast charging abilities. The delicate design and the powerful wireless charger for your iPhone and Samsung smartphones.

An amazing feature of this wireless charger for your Qi-enabled devices is it would give support on thick case-friendly smartphones. Incredibly great features on the bottom tray to hold your phone more securely. The tray is also adjustable as per your preferences.

I never saw such creative craft in wireless car chargers, especially with adjustment features. No matter how big your phone size is, Andobil would adjust accordingly. You would also get one air vent clip and dashboard mount in the box coming with it.

If you are planning to get a single device with fast charging capacity and mounting features with your car dashboard. This wireless car charging mount is the best solution for charging your all Qi-enabled devices.

It is one of the best wireless chargers for iPhone, LG, Google Pixel, and Samsung. You can charge your other devices as well.

  • Thick case friendly charge
  • Fast and powerful
  • Unique design
  • No need for handling cables
  • The rugged and uneven case is not compatible

9. Yootech Wireless Charger

Yootech Wireless Charger

The best budget wireless charger having the ability to auto-adapt with different smartphones and devices. A charging pad without a stand looks nice and is a charging solution for all.

When it comes to the low-end pocket-friendly wireless chargers this one is standing in the front line with other competitors on the market. The intelligent one with the heat control system and temperature control technology.

It is incredibly outstanding to have such beauty with multi-function intelligence support in a low price tag. Phone cases made of rubber, plastic material are friendly to it.

While the metallic material of cases would influence the charging activity. Unlike the others on the list of best wireless charger reviews, it could auto adapt different phones. While looking at the design it is not a wireless charging stand for your Qi-enabled devices.

The puck could be placed anywhere and could be used anywhere for recharging your devices. It is bringing more comfort to lives with a sleep-friendly design. The indicator on the pad would inform you about charging when the phone is placed correctly within three seconds by turning green.

For adaptability, it would blink in 14 to 16 seconds when it recognizes the phone. The green LED indicator could turn on when your power source is connected to the charger. It has a capacity of 7.5 watts to deliver the power for charging your devices.

Do not forget this part, as this is important for you to know about this charging pad. If the LED light is blinking continuously it means either the phone is not placed correctly on the pad or some metallic body is touching the pad.

It could harm your phone so you need to be careful with it. If you want a single solution for the adaptability of different phones this one goes well in all fits.

Besides the drawbacks found on like irregular blinking of light when metallic things are in the way or improper placement of phone. This one has the worth to keep because of its pocket-friendly price tag. Also, you cannot recharge big handsets on this charging pad.

  • Auto adaptable with phones
  • Sleep-friendly charging puck
  • Compatible with rubber cases
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Not friendly with metallic body cases

10. Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

A two-in-one device for wireless charging. The best wireless charger for Samsung and Qi-compatible devices. Charge multi-devices with a single Duo wireless charger. Samsung is improving its products with every new day.

This duo charging pad and stand would give you the liberty to charge your multi-devices in a single place. Not only is your phone, unlike the others it could charge your Samsung Gear S3. On the stand, you can charge two phones and on the pad, you can charge your smartwatch.

Universally compatible design coming in multi-device placement functions a great one indeed. Though it is on the pricier end the multi-device charging ability with fast charging manners is making it worthy and valuable.

You can charge your Qi-enabled devices on it and also the iPhone devices could be charged on it. The models include the Samsung Galaxy S9, Note9, Gear S3 smartwatch, iPhone 8, Apple iPhone X, and not limited to them because the list goes on.

The most incredible thing I love about this wireless charger is it comes with a ventilation and exhaust tech to keep your phone heat-free. Fast charging along with the power delivery of 7.5 watts for Samsung’s latest devices and 5 watts for older and other devices.

You would have a Fast Charge wall charger and USB-C cable in the package. It is offering 8.5 x 3.5 x 3.8 inches dimensions and 10.4 ounces of weight capacity.

Now you can conveniently charge multiple phones and devices in one place on a single charging device with wireless charging capabilities.

The cooling mechanism and overcharging control intelligence are genuinely incorporated to make it safe and protective. You can charge your Gear S3 smartwatch along with your smartphone.

  • Charge multiple devices at one place
  • Stand and puck both are equally powered
  • Attractive and good looking design
  • Compatible with Qi-enabled devices
  • Fast Charging is not effective on all devices

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