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Best Wireless Earbuds For Running In 2022: (Top 10 Earphones Pick)

best wireless earbuds for running reviews technpickWelcome to the technpick’s pick for the best wireless earbuds for running and sports activities.

Earbuds were not popular among the music junkies due to their low quality of sound and especially the beat on bass. Yup, the beat that moves your soul, and your body move along.

By connecting with an audio jack a pair of over-ear headphones was more trending than the wireless one. But, It is past, as most of the earphone making brands proved the upgrade.

Now they are coming up with the claim that is worthy of a wireless pair can forget you about the annoying cables. Well, earbuds have main two types at large.

The major two are cable connectivity types and the other one is wireless. And these categories justify the area where they fit the best. You probably heard all those kinds, but let me repeat for more clarity.

That said, wireless earbuds for running, some of them are with true wireless capacities, some are called over-ear and in-ear, and many other kinds among them.

We are talking about wireless here as the cable one is an old trend and fashion now. We are choosing the running category and sports activities and best buy options in wireless earbuds. Hear music without any interruption especially the annoying cables.

The trends are showing us the way to use the tech products as we wish to. It triggered my mind to do more research about Bluetooth connectivity earbuds to explore some more categories.

To do so we tested 18 pairs to find out the best pick of wireless earbuds for running. Let’s get to the reviews to explore them with what they offer.

Top 10 Best Wireless Earbuds For Running In 2022 List

1. Jaybird X4 Wireless Earbuds For Running

Jaybird X4 Wireless Earbuds For Running

Including running and fitness activities the pair of Jaybird X4 is suitable for all occasions. Lightweight and easy to keep for a quality sound. If you want all compact comfort, good quality, and a competitive price in a single pair of wireless earbuds for running, go with this one.

With the outstanding performance on a nice looking design without worries of loss, Jaybird X4 improved a lot in its hardware and performance. I was impressed by the battery life as well. On a single charge, it was able to continuously play for a long long time.

On the list of wireless earbuds for running reviews, Jaybird X4 is our editor’s choice, as a winner among other wireless earbuds, it could beat all the benchmarks during the tests in our lab. When you found something worthy during a hard search it feels relaxing.

The design of X4 is a wired connectivity pair with in-ear earphones. I love the feather on the earbud’s top edge for fitting in your ears with comfort and smoothness. You should know that the best fit for earbuds would give you an outstanding sound experience.

You would feel good to hear that this package would bring not only a sweat-proof pair of wireless earbuds with long battery life. But the pair is also waterproof, now it is ready to swim along. It was able to play continuously for more than 8 hours on a single recharge.

While the battery was fully charged when we started the test. Unbeatable, it could make a complete session on full bass and volume. You cannot expect much battery life on some really good brands even its predecessor Jaybird X3 was also unable to give such continuity in the playback music.

The first thing clicking my mind while speaking about performance is battery life. It has an outstanding battery backup with continuous time for more than 8 hours of wireless playback for your favorite music beats. The single charge would take about an hour for a full charge of the battery.

I am also impressed with the negligible weighing capacity of 1.04-oz with the dimensions of 19.75 x 0.51 x 1.03-inch. Of course, how could we forget about the sound performance on this pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds? The most exciting part of this review is the sound performance of this pair.

If you see, on an over-ear headphone set the cover that could make a vacuum to support the focus of sound. Jaybird X4 can deliver the same experience in an in-ear wireless Bluetooth earbuds pair with noise-canceling capacity.

Final Verdict

The only downside I found was the charging case coming in this package. It is poorly constructed and there is room for more improvements. Overall, I love to hear music with this pair as the experience of running with this earbuds pair was awesome and memorable. I still remember the beats which could motivate my spark of energy to do more.

  • Customized EQ
  • The comfort wear
  • Long battery life
  • Charging case could be improved

2. KuaiFit Sports Earbuds

KuaiFit Sports Earbuds

Do you want to leave your phone at home? Yes, you can leave it at home the KuaiFit Sports headphones would offer storage to amaze you with your favorite beats. This pair would bring a new change in your life. It is one of the best wireless earbuds for running with storage capacity for storing your music tracks.

Perfect, if you do want to keep your phone with you and like to leave it at home. You can now, with KuaiFit Sports headphones you would have the liberty to hear music without having your phone in your pocket on your jogging track.

It is offering an incredibly great design with a clip feature for fitting around your ear with each earphone piece. And a sweatproof wire for connection of both the earbuds with each other. Comfortable and best fitting features on this design have value to mention here.

Would you believe that on this pair you would get a heart rate tracking sensor for tracking your heart rate? It is purely designed for multi-sports activities as the grip around the ear would allow you to wear it in any activity including running.

The heart rate tracker would monitor and track your heart and fitness measures would tell you the accurate report. Some of the other amazing features include Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, BLE, ANT+, and Audio coach. You can make it a personal trainer and the audio coach would guide you in your workout sessions.

As I told you it is a multi-sports activity earbuds pair. Now run your cycle or do exercise in the gym, KuaiFit would give you the company with sweatproof capacity as well. While running on a treadmill with this pair of wireless earbuds or on a track you would have the real-time sound experience with the best performance.

KuaiFit was once famous for wants to become a Garmin of sports headphones due to its claims for quality performance during the sports activities.

And after testing it I am quite confident to say that all the claims from this brand are true. I was quite happy with the results of the battery backup on this pair of Bluetooth earbuds for running. The battery backup support is near to seven hours and it could make clear the battery benchmark test in our lab.

A single charge was able to give you a wireless sound with 8 GB of storage for seven hours. Great results on sound and other features including heart rate monitoring and connectivity with your Android smartphone.

Final Verdict

A single pair with a bunch of specs and features along with the best performance on all the offering capacities, KuaiFit proved its worth during all the tests in our lab. I would strongly recommend this pair of wireless earbuds for android to athletes and extensive workout junkies. The pair is designed for multi-sports activities and would not let you beat in any arena.

  • Onboard eight GB storage
  • Monitor heart rate and guide
  • Average battery life

3. Bose SoundSport Earbuds Review

Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds for running

This one on the list of best wireless Bluetooth earbuds for running from Bose is offering a simple setup with a splendid sound. Another big sound guy on the list of best wireless earbuds for running. It is offering a simple setup and a great reputation among the other rivals of the sound world.

The strong competition among the marketed brands is making them rivals for each other. Most of the clever owners of the companies shook hands to become partners and gain strength, and most are competing along with the market trends with their own strategies.

Bose Sound Sport is offering the most simple setup and strong sound by targeting customers who do not like many technicalities. If you put wireless earbuds vs wired earbuds in front of a person who never experienced a wireless pair.

He or she would abruptly pick up the wired earbuds as the disconnection issues and low sound quality on the wireless pair were popular in the recent past. This design is incredibly great in looks and giving you a consistent experience of hearing the music.

A level of comfort and stability of sound is proved on SoundSport by Bose. The wear is secure and fits in your ears with small rubber ear tips and feathers for making you able to run fearlessly. It feels really good when you are on track and during running, you forget about the earbuds you are wearing due to the level of comfort.

The connectivity options are not limited to Bluetooth as NFC support is there to vary the features. It is the best wireless earbuds for running with mic inline and easy connectivity. The buttons along the mic would enable you to control the volume.

You probably heard about the Bose connectivity app, it would enable you to switch easily between the devices. After an in-depth look at design and features let us discuss the performance experience on Bose SoundSport.

The sound quality with consistency and balanced control of volume on SoundSport is appealing to keep the pair all the time with you. You would be amazed at Bose active EQ tech with a wireless connection. I was impressed with the Hear+ tips for fitting the purpose coming with this pair.

Its tips would enable you to have comfort wear not only on a running track also during workout sessions in Gym. The reliability and sweatproof capacity of these wireless earbuds for running would make it more appealing. The battery life of more than 5 hours for a continuous wireless connection and playback is also visible in the performance list.

Final Verdict

If you are a person who is always in search of simple things especially in devices. When it comes to hearing tech devices this is the most simple setup pair of earbuds with a strong and consistent sound. The balance volume and best fit in-ear wear would take your experience to the next level. Straight away recommended for both the indoor sports activities and outdoor sports activities with reliability and quality.

  • Secure and comfort wear
  • Heart rate monitor is an option to pick
  • Battery life could be improved

4. Under Armour JBL Sports

Under Armour JBL Sports

The Under Armour JBL Sports would update your progress regularly. It is offering powerful bass to hear the music beats loud to enjoy the real beat. Powerful bass and decent sound playback with in-ear wireless earbuds for running under 100.

Yes, the price tag is really competitive and the other performing claims are also meeting the benchmark test criteria. This is the reason we could not leave it without reviewing it.

I was about to review the Jaybird X2 Wireless earbuds, but when I made a comparison of the price tags I choose JBL earbuds for reviews as it is offering a competitive price tag along with the performance and features.

I never preferred the design of performance. But the growing trend for good-looking design with quality performance now made up my mind for choosing good-looking, stylish, and comfortable best wireless earbuds for running that do not fall.

Especially when you choose earbuds for running or sports activities the comfort and fit matter a lot. You cannot leverage or compromise on these two things. A simple cable connected wireless Bluetooth earbuds is not extraordinary in design.

But the look in a simple way is better on this pair. It has a proven ergonomic ear tip design that is specifically made for athletes. About the fit, it has the claim for never falling capacity and it is proved during our test.

The ultimate durability of the two earbuds is coming from the sweat-proof connection cable which has a capacity of internally and externally strains relief. It is offering a compact size of 5.8-mm and strong sound delivery features.

The features and design portion make the way pretty clear for performance. Let us know what it offers and what we noticed during the performance tests in our lab. You would be surprised to hear that this pair of wireless earbuds JBL for running is designed by athletes for athletes.

The purpose was to set up a milestone for sports headphones. Outclass engineering craft with the athletic design and the strong balanced hearing experience. During a running session for testing the pair for performance, I noticed that there is no distraction in the sound and also in connectivity.

You would be impressed with the long battery life and consistency in connectivity. It has the capacity of 6 hours of battery backup support on a single charge.

Final Verdict

A pair that is designed by athletes for athletes and engineered by JBL, and outstanding performer on the list of best wireless earbuds JBL for running reviews. I would recommend it to the sports guys having the athletic spark. As the pair is purely designed for them. However, it would not let you down during the workout session as well. It would give you six hours of battery backup support.

  • Powerful bass
  • Regular progress updates
  • Bad battery life
  • Expensive

5. LifeBEAM Vi

LifeBEAM Vi wireless earbuds for running

LifeBeam Vi is a Bluetooth connectivity wireless earbuds pair that is offering the topmost audio quality with cutting-edge artificial intelligence coaching features. If you already made up your mind with the wireless earbuds target for top-quality audio and some amazing cutting-edge features you should go with this pair.

As it meets cutting-edge AI coaching and also offers a personal trainer in a human voice to guide you through the workout sessions. As I explained the fact about design in the aforementioned sentences that the growing trends in design specially made my mind choose the good-looking gadgets.

This one on the list has a nice grip for holding your nick from the back and a pair of earbuds connected through a cable with each other. You would find the ear tips and small feathers on the top of the earbuds for the best fit in your ear with comfort and balanced sound delivery.

LifeBEAM Vi is a strong competitor in the sound world also offering some expensive price tags for its products. You would be impressed with the fitness tracker and heart rate monitor on it. It is offering the features of wireless fitness tracker biosensors that can detect your heart rate.

It is obvious to add that it could detect motion, and proximity as well. The detection of touch and elevation are also prominent features of this wireless Bluetooth earbuds pair. When it comes to performance, the personal trainer in human voice would give you real-time guidance by tracking your heart rate and fitness level.

It has the capacity for water resistance, which means, you can swim wearing this wireless earbuds pair. Of course, it is sweatproof and allowing you to wear it in extensive workout sessions. The compatibility with VI trainer is allowing you to make it a personal trainer.

As it is offering a free trial for one year to enjoy the fun of wireless earbuds using as a personal trainer for exercise. You can easily pair it with your Android or iOS smartphone. The artificial intelligence-based trainer plans would support you in taking your workout experience to the next level with the help of the VI trainer app.

As per the claim of the company for the whole day battery life, we tested it, and I am happy to share the information about battery life. The pair can make a day with a single charge of the battery.

Being connected with your smartphone you can easily switch to hear the calls during exercise without any interruptions. It is one of the best wireless earbuds for running with a mic and the remote is making you able to control the volume.

Final Verdict

When I conclude a product I try my level best to give honest and authentic information. For the guys who love running and also doing gym activities, they would love to hear the decent sound with the strong bass on this earbuds pair.

The heart tracker and personal trainer with human voice guidelines for taking the exercise to the next level with this pair would blow your mind. Listening to music during swimming is another splendid fun by having this pair. It would hurt your pocket as it is not pocket-friendly at all.

  • AI coaching
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Weird battery life
  • Not cheap

6. Jabra Elite Sports

Jabra Elite Sports truly wireless earbuds for running

A true wireless in-ear headphones pair by Jabra with perfect sound and noise-canceling capacity. Pick your priority of hearing sound. Well, we are on the 9th of the wireless earbuds for running reviews and I picked up a completely cordless design.

The superior sound quality on this pair is not cheap. It is not pocket-friendly and would hurt your pocket. But it has the worth to pay for it because of its strong quality of sound delivery with the controls and balancing power. It fits well in your ears.

You would see the appealing in-ear truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds have the strength to prove their capabilities in listening to music. While looking at the design of this in-ear truly wireless earbuds pair with having a built-in heart rate monitor you would hurry to purchase it.

I love the sound quality along with the design. The truly wireless pair can compete with good quality over-ear headphones. You would be amazed to hear that it has adjustable equalizer settings. Collect the data with the help of an onboard tracker and analyze it for a better experience in fitness activities.

The pair would automatically count your reps and would give you a track record of your fitness sessions. It is not stopping here, you would get a pace calculator to measure your race in the count and prepare yourself perfectly for combat. The music playback time, I mean the battery life is consistent and durable.

As per our battery benchmark test results, it could make 5 hours of continuous music playback with a single charge. While placing it in a charging case it could make up to 9 hours, which is the long battery life it offers.

I previously tested Jabra Elite 65t, and I am happy to say that Jabra is putting some extra effort to launch durable performers. The same is the case with Elite Sports earbuds, they are truly wireless like 65t and the performance is loud.

I was surprised by switching to a call during a gym session wearing Elite Sports. There was no distraction and no disconnection complaint at all. It has the capability of giving you more than four and a half hours of battery life support for hearing calls.

Without the battery, a device is nothing but a dumb piece of small buds. The battery support is making it real combat. If you see the volume control and balanced sound delivery along with the fitting on wearing, it is appealing. The downside is the expensive price tag that would hurt your vault.

Final Verdict

If you are a money guy and want a premium and superior sound quality. I would suggest you experience this pair of true wireless earbuds for running. The sound quality is great and the design with truly wireless capacity is making it a premium pair.

You would love to keep the charging case with it as it would keep it charged and also secure. Yes, you should keep in mind that due to no wires it is prone to lose.

  • It is a pair of true wireless sports earbuds
  • The charging case is coming along
  • Average battery life
  • You may face issues with fitting

7. Beats PowerBeats 3

Beats PowerBeats 3 wireless earbuds for running

Specially designed for fitness and gym junkies who want a pair of in-ear headsets to amaze with the tracks s/he loves to hear during the workout. If you want Fitness-focused in-ears wireless earbuds pair, here you got. You would get the W1 treatment on this pair of wireless earbuds for running.

The pair is not offering true wireless features but obviously, the connectivity on wireless and the quality are incredibly great. You would love to hear that the pair are offering a price tag under 100 and the competitive trend with other rivals is quite high.

You would love the ear grip around the in-ear Bluetooth earbuds. The Beats powerbeats3 is amazingly designed for sports activities. The ear tips around the upper round edge for the increasing gap are also looking good. You would need a class one Bluetooth connection for pairing it with your device.

In the wireless earbuds reviews, I like this one also and it is a runner-up in the race due to the offering features and sporty design. There is a wire for connectivity of the pair and the pair is water-resistant and sweatproof. It would deliver a dynamic high-performance sound.

If you connect this pair of best wireless earbuds for running with the iPhone for calls experience or with other Android phones, the inline remote on the cord would allow you to control the calling voice. It is not ending here, the remote would also enable you to control the music volume as per your hearing capacity.

As I mentioned earlier that you would need a class w1 technology for connection. You would require an iCloud account and macOS Sierra. It is not limited to this feature, as iOS 10 is supported here. The pair is also allowing you to connect with your smartwatch.

You would require a watchOS 3 or the latest version for a smooth hearing experience. It is coming in 9.0-oz of negligible weighing capacity. The experience of hearing a dynamic quality of sound would take your workout to the next level.

As it would help in motivation during the exercise and would also deliver the fun you are expecting from it. The battery back claims of the company about these wireless earbuds for running are true. As the pair can reach up to 12 hours in a single recharge.

Final Verdict

This is the best wireless earbuds pair for the guys who are in search of a dynamic high-performance sound experience. It would push your workout experience to the next level at an affordable price.

The charging capacity as fast as it would give you an hour of battery life back up with only five minutes of charging. You would not face any problems with the fittings. As it is offering flexibility and secure-fit ear hooks to maximize comfort and stability.

  • An outstanding battery life
  • Wireless connectivity range is awesome
  • Expensive price tag

8. Monster iSport Victory In-Ear

Monster iSport Victory In-Ear

The most basic one with some deficiencies which other Bluetooth headphones are offering. But when it comes to low prices, it is the best budget Bluetooth headphones pair by Monster. Sometimes we just a pair of wireless headphones that could imaginary complete the hearing purpose during the running on a track or fitness session.

In such cases, we normally prefer cheap and under the budget earphones which could not harm our pocket and also fulfill our needs. A pair of iSport victory would meet those criteria and also offer the in-ear headphones features.

With this pair, you would have the best wireless running headphones with all basic functions and features. The pair has the capability of increasing the athletic activities’ performance with proven ability. It is coming with small feathers on the tip to fit best in your ear and has some extra ear tips to choose according to your ear.

You would not be able to find some latest earbuds technology features on this pair. On the other hand, if you see the comfort of wearing it with best fit capabilities and decent sound it is worth paying the price it offers. The wireless earbuds for running are durable and cheap.

Of course, when we buy something we expect some basic functions for what we get it. Monster iSport Victory in-ear wireless earbuds can perform what you expect from a simple headphone set. some of the annoying points I would mention here for clarity before deciding to purchase this pair of running earphones.

During the running test while wearing the pair to observe the performance I noticed it becomes loose while running. There is a gap to improve for the wearing fitting. The performance on sound quality is quite decent and impressive as it would give you the joy of the real soundtrack.

Final Verdict

Being a fitness enthusiast and gym lover if you plan to have some in-ear earphones for enjoying music. And the priority is a low-budget headphone, go with this one. You would find all the basic fulfillment of needs on this pair.

The sound quality is decent with noise-canceling abilities. Some downsides like it become loose during running or jogging are there but these are not the deal breakers at such low expense.

  • Comfort wear
  • Secure And fit wear
  • Lake in producing outstanding sound
  • Without heart rate Monitor

9. 66 Audio BTS Pro

66 Audio BTS Pro wireless earbuds for running

66 Audio BTS Pro is offering a long-lasting battery life and extremely impressive wireless connectivity range. Do you need a Long-lasting battery life on wireless earbuds for running? Also, want an impressive wireless range for connectivity without distractions?

You do not need to worry that you cannot find such a headphones set that would not offer such things. As 66 Audio BTS Pro has all these capacities. You can continue your running with this pair with more enjoyment and pleasure.

The design of these wireless earbuds for running pairs is over-ear and coming in extraordinary long-lasting battery life with around 50 meters of connectivity coverage. You would have a nice sound control on the output and could be able to adjust it easily.

Go further, do not stop due to disconnection on the track as the long-range connectivity allows you to leave your phone on the bench in a recreational place. If you cannot keep your phone with you and also want a pair of microphones that could offer noise-canceling features.

You got a jackpot at a low price by having this pair. This piece of beauty is for runners who want more sound equalization with some nice sound quality. It is offering an amazing option with the help of native apps. The “find my headphone” feature on your Android smartphone would allow you for quick connection and control of the headset.

Final Verdict

If you are in the planning of buying some good earbuds that could give you a long range of connectivity. Not only long-range also the long-lasting battery life is another incredibly great offer in such a low price tag.

Our running connectivity test on these wireless earbuds for running was successful without any distraction in the sound.

  • Wireless range is long
  • outstanding battery life
  • Heart rate monitor is missing
  • Comparatively heavy

10. AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones

AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones

If you are fond of isolation during your workout sessions, AfterShokz would give you that environment for listening to your favorite music tracks. These Bluetooth earbuds are designed for the guys who want to be isolated when they exercise.

After researches and improvement finally most of the companies found a way to make extraordinary quality products. In wireless earbuds for running especially for the urban guys when noise is everywhere this pair would help a lot in hearing an isolated sound.

A decent strip design around your nick on the back with a grip for fitting it on wearing. On this pair, the sound would be heard through your cheekbones. Innovation is bringing more sophistication to tech products. The inclusion of bone tech enhancement for sound hearing is an incredible achievement.

Avail the facilitation of chatting around and it would also make you able to hear the cheering sounds from around if you are running in a race. In some countries, some sports laws do not allow you to hear music during races, especially large races. But in many countries, the law is still not implemented.

That means you can hear music on the go. In such situations when you are allowed to hear music in the race. You have left with only one option for wireless earbuds to pick for running is Trekz Air headphones. As I explained about this pair of wireless earbuds that the isolation in sound is its real strength.

Now, when it comes to performance the sound quality is natural and relaxing. It triggers the motivational spark during the running session. The sweat-proof capacity of these stylish wireless earbuds for running pairs would enhance your experience of hearing to the next level.

It is comfortable wearing during any sort of activity even in the office you could wear it due to its stylish look. Now go to the gym, run on a track, or doing outdoor exercise while wearing the AfterShockz Trekz Air headphone set without any distraction.

Final Verdict

Isolation is the specialty of this pair and is designed with the thinking of urban noise. The concept is clear and the performance is exactly reaching the claims. If you want isolation during exercise or workout sessions, or every running around in a race. And you have the taste of hearing music on the running track, you have only this option.

  • Fit wear with comfort
  • Stable sound
  • Volume capacity is a bit low
  • Battery life is not as expected


It is a fact that wireless earbuds removed the tension of ripping off the cables on a wired pair during exercise.

You can see the guys around wearing over-ear headphones pair for exercise but always facing trouble and disturbance.

The first thing you should keep in mind before making a purchase is what is your budget line and what sort of earbuds you want.

By what sort I mean the variety of earbuds brands would allow you to choose anyone on the market. The fact of your interest could not be ignored here.

You should look for compatibility and connectivity options very keenly because later on you would face problems and could not enjoy the fun.

Do not forget to choose the dynamic performance with nice controls and also a pair of wireless earbuds with a mic for calling options.

Switching from your music to a call without interruption is essential. Hopefully, this guide would help you choose your priority.

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